Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trusts: Getting Started

You can design a trust that supports our mission and meets your unique needs.

Is This Gift Right for You?

See if you fit the profile of a charitable remainder trust donor.

Case Study

See how a charitable remainder trust fits into one person's plans.

What If You Don't Need the Payments Right Away?

If you prefer to receive your trust payments at a later date, there are three popular types of unitrusts to choose from.

3 Ways to Fund Your Charitable Trust

Read on to learn the best assets to fund your charitable remainder trust.

Choosing Your Trustee

Consider these factors when deciding who will fill this important position.

How to Complete Your Gift

In five steps, you can design a trust to fit your unique circumstances.

Action Items

Take these steps to learn how a charitable remainder trust could fit into your charitable giving plans.