Financial Aid


Your Gustavus education is both an experience and an opportunity of great value. It represents a significant investment of time, energy, and resources by both you and your family. Your education will impact the rest of your life. Gustavus supports you in this investment.

As a college, we strongly encourage you to first consider the best college fit independent of cost. Then, with this understanding of your priorities, explore all the financial assistance options. We strive to make a Gustavus education accessible for all families through a combination of merit-based scholarships, need-based financial assistance, and financing options.

We want to make the financial aid process more clear; please contact us or the Gustavus Financial Assistance Office with any questions or concerns.

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Financial Aid Process

  1. Before Admission. To ensure you receive a timely financial aid award, you can begin the financial aid process before receiving an offer of admission. This involves completing scholarship applications and the FAFSA (see #2 and #3 below).
  2. Scholarship Applications. To be considered for our fine arts scholarships, submit the individual scholarship applications by November 1 (for Early Action applicants) or Februrary 1 (for Rolling Admission applicants). You will be automatically considered for academic scholarships simply by applying for admission.
  3. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All applicants applying for need-based aid need to complete the FAFSA after October 1 of their senior year of high school. If your family is not eligible to submit the FAFSA (due to citizenship status, for example), you must complete and submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE to be considered for need-based financial aid at Gustavus. Click here for more information.
  4. Timeline:
    Admitted to Gustavus and submitted the FAFSA by Financial aid award by*
    November 1 (Early Action applicants) January 1 or after (our FAFSA priority deadline is March 15)
    January 1 Awards sent beginning February 1
    5. Verification. If you receive a financial aid award from Gustavus, you may need to provide additional documents. If this is the case, our financial aid office will notify you.

Merit-based scholarships

Upon admission to Gustavus, qualified students will be automatically considered for annually renewable merit-based aid (scholarships), including our Dean's Scholarship and President's Scholarship. Some scholarships require separate applications before consideration, such as our fine arts scholarships. The application deadline for these scholarships is November 1, 2020 for Early Action applicants and January 3, 2021 for Rolling Admission applicants.

Need-based financial aid

Eligibility for need-based financial aid is determined by the annual submission of the FAFSA (required).

The FAFSA uses a formula to determine your family's expected contribution toward your education costs in the coming year. Family income and assets are primary considerations. Other factors are also assessed, including certain personal data like size of family, number of family members in college and age of parents.

To receive an initial estimate of your family's financial aid eligibility, use our online net price calculator.

After receiving an actual financial aid award, some families will be asked to verify their financial information by submitting tax forms and other related forms.

Need-based financial aid awards are renewable by completing the FAFSA each subsequent year.