Get Ready Gusties

Welcome! You’re now part of the Gustavus community. We’re excited for you to join us on the Hill. Now it’s time to fill out lots of forms! We’ll also have some fun as we get ready for move-in day. Get Ready Gusties is our comprehensive program of communications, steps, and events designed to help you transition into college. Let’s get started.

New Student Orientation Begins
August 30, 2024

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Start Here

To get ready for Gustavus, you’ll need to do these key steps.

  1. Pay your deposit.
    Before you can do anything else, you must first pay your enrollment deposit. Our systems sync overnight. After paying your deposit, please check back the following day to continue.
  2. Create your username.
    To access forms and do pretty much everything else to get ready for Gustavus, you need to select a Gustavus email address and activate your account.
  3. Select your housing.
    Housing applications must be submitted online for full consideration and housing preference priority. Please see our Incoming/New Student Housing website for the most updated information about the housing process and dates. Your housing assignment will be posted in the housing portal by August 1. The housing process will open online on April 22, 2024.
  4. Submit your registration preferences.
    Head over to the New Student Registration page to learn about class registration, placement exams, transferring credit, and other important details regarding your academic transition to Gustavus. Class registration information will be mailed to you on May 15, 2024.
  5. Pay your bill.
    Fall semester 2024 payments will be due August 15, 2024. This bill will include one half of the tuition, room fee, and meal plan fee and the full amount of fees minus one half of your financial aid package. A fee statement will be mailed to your home address around July 15, 2024.

You’d Look Good As a Gustie

With just a few questions, our GustieBot can produce an AI image of you as our legendary mascot, Gus the Lion. Or you can use your actual photo to create a digital doppelgänger that's uniquely you. Play around with the bot to see how, at Gustavus, you can live your whole life surrounded by a community that supports your interests, passions, and quirks.

Try the GustieBot


Next Steps

Ready to take additional steps toward Move-In Day? Use these resources to get details, track your progress, and plan ahead.

  • Use the Enrollment Checklist.
    After activating your Gustavus user account, log in and check out the Enrollment Checklist. The checklist includes everything you need to do before arriving on campus, including housing, class registration, student information, and financial aid. Here you can submit forms and ensure you’re meeting important deadlines. 
  • Read the newsletter.
    Check your email starting in mid-April for regular Get Ready Gusties communication. Read archived newsletters.
  • Start using MyGustavus.
    MyGustavus is where you will register for classes, check your grades, track your progression towards graduation, view your financial aid award and much more! Create your account, log in, and explore this site so you’re familiar with it once you get to campus in the fall.

Mailed Print Materials

How can we help?

If you’re not sure where to direct your question, please reach out to the Admission Office. We’re happy to connect you with appropriate offices across campus! We promise they're really nice, too.

  • Admission Office — Transcripts, residence hall tours.
  • Financial Aid Office — Financial aid award, scholarships, billing, and student employment.
  • Academic Support CenterGustie Gear-Up!, class registration, academic advising, placement exams, and academic accommodations.
  • Residential Life — Room assignment, roommate assignment, and move-in logistics.
  • Campus Activities Office — First-year orientation, getting involved, and events on campus.
  • Dining Service — Meal plans and dietary allergies or intolerances.
  • Bookmark — Slingshot (program used for textbooks), Gustavus gear, and special supplies for classes.
  • Accommodations — The process for making a request is varied depending on the area on campus best positioned to meet the need. This is a good place to start!

Stay Connected with Campus Events

Gustavus uses a college-wide calendar to track all of the campus events happening throughout the year. Explore fine arts performances, cheer on our athletes, and immerse yourself in campus culture. With the calendar as your guide, you’ll never miss a moment of Gustavus magic! Check it out and find a few events that interest you.


Q: When do I receive my fall class schedule?

A: Gustie Gear-Up! (June 18, 20, or 21, 2024) is your opportunity to personally receive, review, and adjust your class schedule with an academic advisor, meet your fellow classmates, and get your final questions answered prior to moving in this fall.
Students who do not attend Gustie Gear-Up! will receive an email (sent to their Gustavus email) in late June with instructions on how to access and review their class schedule. That email will also include information about an optional opportunity in July to virtually review and adjust their schedule with a Gustavus advisor. 

Q: When do I receive my housing and roommate assignment?

A: You'll receive notification about your housing assignment and roommate in your housing portal in early July. 

Q: How do students receive jobs on campus?

A: All first-year students will be placed in their first jobs based on their first year job application. Students will receive information in their Gustie Gear-Up! packet and an application via email during the week of Gustie Gear-Up! (June 17-24). Questions can be directed to

Q: How can my parent(s) receive access to my grades and student account?

A: MyGustavus — the web-based system that allows Gustavus students to access important academic information — provides students the ability to grant parents and/or others access to information on MyGustavus. Students are able to grant their parents access to their grades, class schedule, student account statement, and more. Access granted is completely controlled by and at the discretion of the student. Learn more about parent access to MyGustavus .

Q: What is orientation like?

A: Beginning on Friday, August 30, first-year students will have an opportunity to move to campus, connect with their Orientation Group, meet their floor-mates and participate in an evening of events. The Gustavus New Student Orientation program is focused on helping you with the transition to Gustavus and establishing a sense of belonging in this community.