Student Employment

Students with financial aid eligibility may receive a campus employment offer as one component of their financial aid package. The maximum amount assigned is $3,500* per year, which requires about 11.5 hours of work per week to earn (*or the amount in your financial aid award.) Students who have student employment in their financial aid offer are welcome to apply for open positions in Handshake. Students who do NOT have student employment in their awards may also apply for open positions, but need based awards will be filled first. 

Current Employment Openings

Plus Icon Eligibility

All students are eligible to work on campus.


  • Early March: Agreements are sent to current supervisors electronically
  • Mid March: Students must make contact with current supervisor(s) to either renew their agreement or obtain a new position.
  • April 30: Deadline for departments to turn in student employment agreements.
  • Study Abroad - agreements are due before you leave for your semester abroad so we can get you awarded and set up.

Plus Icon How to Apply

First Year Students

You will need to go to your Enrollment Checklist at and scroll down to Financial Aid.

Student Employment – Once in the checklist, click on student employment and you will be redirected to the Gustavus Handshake page. You will sign in with your Gustavus log in (SSO – single sign on) and then you will set up your profile on Handshake. Student Supervisors will be able to look at your profile, so please fill this out as completely as possible – entering in job experience, volunteer experience, organizations, sports, choir, band and anything else you have been or plan to be involved in during the year. After you are finished with your profile, you can look for and apply for open positions on Handshake by clicking on the Jobs tab in the upper left corner of the main Handshake page. Once in the jobs page, type in Gustavus in the search box and the open student employment options will appear.

Current/Returning Students

In early March of each year, an employment agreement will be sent out electronically via signNow to your current supervisor (s). You are to connect with your supervisor(s) and discuss if you want to be employed again in that department for the next academic year. If yes, select “Keep” or “Add”, sign the agreement, submit, and it will route back to your supervisor to sign and then to Financial Aid. If you do not want to work in the same department the next year, you will select “remove” on your agreement, sign, submit, and it will route back to the supervisor and then Financial Aid. You can search for open positions in Handshake and apply on the site directly. If you are hired,the supervisor for that department will send you a new contract to complete via signNow. We must have a student employment agreement and payroll documents on file before you begin working.

Plus Icon Forms

If you are planning to work for Gustavus, we need to have these required forms completed before you start your work study job. You will need to complete the W4, MN W4, I-9 and the direct deposit form. (see links below) 

We will need identification for the I-9 to prove identity and authorization to work in the US. If you have a current US passport, that will take care of both requirements. If you do not have a current US passport, we can use a photo ID (Gustavus ID or driver's license) AND a copy of your birth certificate OR social security card. These identification documents can be sent securely to Gustavus at:

**International students will receive separate instructions from Jeff Anderson in the Center for International and Cultural Education

**If you wish to decline your student employment offer, please click the link below and submit the form.

Electronic Version Printable Version
2023 Minnesota W4
Electronic Version Printable Version
I- 9 
Electronic Version Printable Version
Direct Deposit
22-23 Student Employment Agreement
Electronic Version PRINTABLE VERSION
22-23 (2 JOB) Split/Transfer Employment Agreement
22-23 (3 JOB) Split/Transfer Employment Agreement
Decline Student Employment
Electronic Version  
Missed Hours
Electronic Version Printable Version

Plus Icon Time Reporting

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Plus Icon Payment Information

Pay Dates for 2022–2023
Month Student Time Entry Deadline* Supervisor Approval Deadline* Pay Date
September October 3 October 4 October 14, 2022
October November 2 November 3 November 15, 2022
November December 2 December 5 December 15, 2022
December January 3 January 4 January 13, 2023
January February 2 February 3 February 15, 2023
February March 2 March 3 March 15, 2023
March April 3 April 4 April 14, 2023
April May 2 May 3 May 15, 2023
May May 30 May 31 June 9, 2023
* By midnight
Pay Rates for 2022–2023
Approved Earnings Hours Per Week, $10.33/hour
Most Jobs 
Hours per Week, $10.75/hour,
Off-Campus Agencies
$1,000 3.2 3.1
$1,500 4.84 4.65
$2,000 6.45 6.2
$2,500 8.07 7.8
$3,000 9.68 9.3

* Those who have direct deposit can view and print your payroll information by signing on to MyGustavus and selecting "View Pay Information".

* Minnesota minimum wage will increase as of January 1, 2023. The increased amount has not been decided yet.