Student Employment

Students with financial aid eligibility may receive a campus employment assignment as one component of their financial aid package. The maximum amount assigned is $3,500* per year, which requires about 10.5 hours of work per week to earn (*or the amount in your financial aid award.) Students who do not qualify for need-based financial aid are welcome to apply for designated campus jobs when they arrive on campus in the fall. Assignments depend on job availability during the school year.

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First-year students awarded student employment are placed in open employment positions based on the needs of the College. Returning students are eligible to work for any department approved to hire student employees.

The Financial Aid Office will determine who is eligible for an offer of renewal of student employment based on the following factors:

  • Students awarded student employment who have worked during the fall semester
  • Students who had contacted the Office during the fall indicating that they were only going to work in the spring
  • Students who initially enrolled at the College in January or February with a student employment award

These students will have agreements sent to their current employment supervisor(s) in late February. Students must then meet with their current supervisor(s) and either sign their agreement to work for the same department or interview with other departments. A signed agreement from the hiring department should be submitted as soon as possible.

The department who hires the students who are studying abroad during the spring receive their agreements in November in order to complete this process before the end of fall semester.


  • Mid to late February: Agreements are sent to current supervisors, supervisor meetings held
  • Late February through March: Students must make contact with current supervisors to either renew their agreement or take their agreement and obtain a new position. Signed agreements are left with the supervisor to return to the Financial Aid Office.
  • April 15: Final deadline for departments to turn in student employment agreements. After this date, students without completed agreements returned to the Office will not be offered student employment in their financial aid awards. Employment will only be added to your financial aid award after you return a signed agreement.

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First Year Students

The Enrollment Checklist web page will have the on line application for you to fill out. We will then place you into a job (the major first year student employer is the Dining Service). You will be notified of your job when you arrive on campus through your campus PO. You MUST complete all necessary employment forms before you start working: I-9, W-4 and direct deposit forms.

Current Students

In February of each year, an employment agreement will be mailed to your current supervisor. You are to go to your supervisor and discuss if you want to be employed again in that department for the next academic year. If so, sign the agreement and give it back to your supervisor. If you do not want to work in the same department the next year, pick up your agreement and take it to the department you wish to work. The supervisor in this department will sign the agreement. The agreement must be returned to the Financial Aid Office before you are able to begin working.

Current students can always go to a new supervisor, print off an agreement form from this site, have the agreement signed by your supervisor and yourself, and return to the Financial Aid Office to secure this job.

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2020-2021 Student Employment

Time Reporting


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Pay Dates for 2020–2021
Month Student Time Entry Deadline* Supervisor Approval Deadline* Pay Date
September October 2 October 5 October 15, 2020
October November 2 November 3 November 13, 2020
November December 2 December 3 December 15, 2020
December January 4 January 5 January 15, 2021
January February 2 February 3 February 12, 2021
February March 2 March 3 March 15, 2021
March April 2 April 5 April 15, 2021
April May 3 May 4 May 14. 2021
May June 2 June 3 June 15, 2021
* By midnight
Pay Rates for 2020–2021
Approved Earnings Hours Per Week, $10.00/hour
Most Jobs including Certified Skills
Hours per Week, $10.75/hour,
Off Campus Agencies
$1,000 3.5 3
$1,500 5.25 4.6
$2,000 7.0 6.2
$2,500 8.8 7.8
$3,000 10.5 9.3

* Those who have direct deposit can view and print your payroll information by signing on to Web Advisor and selecting "View Pay Information".

* Minnesota minimum wage rage will increase to $10.08 (from $10.00) as of January 1, 2021.