Student Accounts

Statements and Billing Change: Fee statements will be mailed to the billing address of all students on record in late July for fall semester and late December for spring semester. After the initial semester billing, all monthly statements will be delivered electronically through WebAdvisor. Students will receive an email each time a new billing statement is available.

The Student Account Center via TouchNet is where you can view your student account, make payments, and sign up for payment plans. Students will need to grant parents or other payers permission as an authorized user in order to see account activity, enroll in payment plans, or make a payment on a student account. For more information, please view the informational PDF.

Parent Access: MyGustavus--the web-based system that allows Gustavus students to access important information--now provides students the ability to grant parents and/or others access to information on MyGustavus. Students can grant parents access to financial information like their student account, financial aid award, etc. FERPA regulations require students to initiate this access through MyGustavus.

Student Health Insurance: All students are required to carry health insurance. All full-time students are automatically enrolled into a comprehensive health insurance plan. In order to decline this coverage, students must complete an online waiver verifying other health insurance coverage. Students will be notified when the waiver is available on-line. All students with their own health insurance will need to complete the online waiver by the first day of classes or they will be charged the annual premium for health insurance. More information about the school sponsored health insurance can be found online at


A major difference between public and private institutions is the degree to which they are subsidized by taxpayers. Tuition and fees account for more than three-quarters of the operating budget for Gustavus Adolphus College. The remainder is supplied through gifts to the College and income from the endowment. Thus, tuition and fees play an important role in maintaining the quality of a Gustavus education.

Tuition, Room, and Meal Plan Costs for 2020-2021

2020-2021 Costs
Tuition Room Meals Total
$48,250 $6,600 $3,830 $58,680
 Personal expenses such as textbook purchases, transportation, and fees are the responsibility of the student and are estimated at $2,060.

2020-2021 Fees

Mandatory Fees

These two fees apply to first-year students only:

  • New Student Fee: A one-time $300 fee added to the first semester payment for all new students, to partially cover the costs of testing, advising materials and special programming for new students.
  • Transcript Fee: A one-time $220 fee added to the first semester payment for all new full-time students and provides for lifetime transcripts at no additional charge.

These fees apply to all students:

  • Student Government Fee: A $200 (estimated until set by Student Senate) fee added to the first semester payment for all students except international exchange students. The Student Senate and the Campus Activities Board disburse the fees collected.
Other Fees
  • Special Housing Fees: Houses or Apartments ($2,140); Guaranteed Single-one person in a double room ($2,340); Carlson International Center ($970); Southwest Hall Suites ($1,110); Uhler Hall Triple ($510); Uhler Hall Quad ($820);Gibbs Hall Single ($1,170). These annual per person fees are itemized and split between fall and spring semester billings. Information on special housing is mailed to upper-class students each year by the Office of Residential Life.
  • Late Course Change Fees: The fees for processing petitions are $150 or $200 as determined by the change date following the end of the free drop/add period.
  • Overload Fee: $2,400 per credit pro-rated for course loads over 4.8 per semester.


First-Year Students
  • Enrollment Deposit ($300) for 2020-21
    This non-refundable deposit is due when a student accepts an offer of admission. Deposit is paid through Admission Office.
  • Registration Deposit ($200)
    This deposit is due June 30th and confirms a new students' intention to enroll. It is fully credited toward the fall semester payment. If a student does not enroll, this deposit and the Advance Registration Deposit are forfeited. Failure to submit this deposit may result in the cancellation of class registration, housing assignment, and financial assistance. A statement is mailed to the student's home address on or about June 5th.


Student Account Payment Options

Online Payment. You can use your savings/checking account or a credit card to make your payment online. Credit card payments will be charged a convenience fee of $3.00 or 2.85% whichever is larger. International students can use Flywire through this site to make payments.
Check, Cashier's Check, or Money Order
Please include the student ID number and full name. Payment can be mailed to:
Gustavus Adolphus College
Students Accounts
800 West College Avenue
St. Peter, MN 56082
Cash payments may be made in person at the Student Accounts Office in the Jackson Campus Center.
Flywire — International families only
Pay Now with Flywire Gustavus Adolphus College has partnered with flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international tuition payments. Flywire’s mission is to save international students and their families money that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. With flywire, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in many cases) and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. In addition, the posting of the payment into your Gustavus Adolphus College account will be faster, and you will be notified via email when it is received.

Learn More

Summary & Instructions

To get started, go to to create a flywire login and fill out your payment details. Once the necessary information is entered, you will receive payment delivery instructions on how to send your payment to flywire by visiting your bank (online, phone, or in person).

Flywire will convert the funds into U.S. dollars, if you paid in a foreign currency, and will send the U.S. dollar amount to Gustavus Adolphus College where it will be credited to your student account. If your home currency isn’t available, you can still save by sending your payment in U.S dollars.

You will be able to login to your flywire account at any time to track the progress of your payment. Once Gustavus Adolphus College receives your payment we will send you a payment confirmation email. Please note – it may take up to 3 business days for Gustavus Adolphus College to post the payment to your account.

Customer Support:

Flywire’s customer support is here for you no matter your time zone! We are available 24x7 via chat, Skype, email and phone to answer any of your questions.

Payment Plans

  • Option #1
    • Pay each semester in full by the due dates of August 31 for the fall semester and January 31 for the spring semester, by check (student ID# on memo line), cashier's check, or money order mailed to Gustavus Adolphus College, Student Accounts, 800 West College Avenue, Saint Peter, MN 56082, or online payment by e-check or credit card.
  • Option #2 Enroll in a payment plan for the semester with Touchnet 
    • Fall Payment Plan: 5-Month Payment Plan – Enroll between July 15 and August 31 – Automatic monthly payments on the 15th of each month from August through December. 
    • Spring Payment Plan: 5-Month Payment Plan – Enroll between December 15 and January 31 – Automatic monthly payments on the 15th of each month from January to May.

NOTE: Parents will not be able to access invoices or payment options until they are added as an authorized user.

Gustavus has discontinued the Gustavus Individual Payment Plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Please contact Sara Orth in the Student Accounts Office with questions about this option.

  • Registration Hold Policy

A hold will be placed on all accounts that have a balance over $500 by the due date of 8/31 for fall semester and 1/31 for spring semester. 

A hold will also be placed on an account that has not made the first three payments on the Gustavus Payment Plan.

To remove the hold from an account one of the following options must be completed:

  • Reduce the balance due to $500 or less before registration.
  • Make a payment of 75% of the balance and an updated payment plan to pay the balance in full by November for the fall semester and April for spring semester.
  • Apply for an alternative loan to cover the outstanding balance on the account. Once the loan is certified by Gustavus the hold will be removed from the account. If the loan funds do not arrive at Gustavus in a timely manner, the student will be removed from the classes that they registered for.

Loan Programs

Loan programs where need is not a qualifying factor enable students to finance a portion of their education. Three programs are available: The Federal Stafford Loan (Unsubsidized), the Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) and private alternative loans. Details on these loans are obtained from the Financial Aid Office web site.

Finance Charges

A monthly finance charge of 1.0% (12% APR, 12.68% APY) will be assessed to all accounts with a balance of $100.00 or more, two business days after the due date listed on the statement.

To have a finance charge removed from an account, the student must complete the Finance Charge Appeal Form. The appeal will be reviewed and an email will be sent to the student within two weeks of receiving the form in the Student Accounts Office. If the reason for the finance charge was due to an error of the Student Accounts Office or Financial Aid Office, then the charge will be removed from the account. However, if the finance charge is due to a student not completing financial aid paperwork or processes on time, the finance charge will not be removed.

Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR)

A signed SFR is required of each student before the first day of attendance. The use of the SFR provides assurances to the College in regard to collection of fees and makes it possible to offer a variety of payment options to students and parents. This form indicates who, in addition to the student, is responsible for the payment of fees. The SFR also explains the Gustavus policies relating to past due accounts, including the 1% per month (12% Annual Percentage Rate) finance charge. The student, and at least one parent or legal guardian, must sign the SFR, unless the student is married and/or at least 24 years old. The SFR covers all fees incurred through the student's final date of attendance. A new form may be filed prior to the start of any semester if the responsible party changes due to a change in family status.

Special Circumstances and Appeals

Gustavus recognizes that individual circumstances may require special consideration. Students and/or their parents are encouraged to contact the College's Financial Aid Office, Dean of Students' Office, or the Admission Office should they have any questions. An appeals process exists for students or parents who feel that circumstances warrant exceptions from these published policies. Appeals should be directed to the Director of Financial Aid.


Gustavus Refund Policy
Gustavus has a refund policy in effect for those students that do not complete a full academic semester. For more information see Gustavus Refund Policy.
Tuition Refund Insurance by GradGuard

The GradGuard Tuition Insurance Plan is an insurance program which supplements the Gustavus Refund Policy.

Each year thousands of college students are unable to complete classes for the semester due to unforeseen medical issues such as illness, accidents, concussions, or mental health related issues. Unfortunately, in many cases these families are unable to recoup all of their tuition dollars. At Gustavus, depending on the timing of the withdrawal, there may be circumstances where you may not be eligible to recieve a refund of all of your tuition and fees. We understand that these types of situations can be a financial hardship for many families. Therefore, we are pleased to make available the Tuition Refund Insurance plan.

Tuition Refund Insurance can help your tuition, fees, and room/board charges, up to the policy limits, if you are unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical reason such as an illness, accident, or mental health issue. This insurance program complements and enhances our school's refund policy and we believe families will benefit from this added protection. Visit for information.

Changes in Fees and Schedules – The College attempts to maintain all published charges throughout the academic year, but reserves the right to make adjustments and change procedures should unforeseen conditions make it necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When and to whom are statements mailed?
A: Fee statements will be mailed to the billing address of all students on record in late July for fall semester and late December for spring semester. After the initial semester billing, all monthly statements will be delivered electronically through WebAdvisor. Students will receive an email each time a new billing statement is available.
Q: When are my payments due?
A: Fall semester payments are due on 8/31 and spring semester payments are due on 1/31. Monthly statements are due on the last day of the month. 
Q: Can I access my statement on-line?
A: Yes. To access your statement, go to MyGustavus, log in using your user name and password. You will then click on “Student Account Statement” under the Student Accounts section. You will be able to view cash receipts, new charges, credits, and financial aid revisions. If you have further questions about your statement, please contact the Student Accounts Office. 
Q: How can I make payments on my Student Account?
A: Gustavus will accept personal checks, money orders, cash (in office), wire transfers, electronic bank transfers, or credit cards. The student’s name and ID number should be included with the payment.
Q: What other charges might I incur during the school year?
A: There may be additional charges after your initial fee statement is sent in July. This may include, but is not limited to: music lessons, course fees, bookmark charges, meal plan transfers, print shop charges, parking fines and permits.
Q: What is the Statement of Financial Responsibility (SFR)?
A: A signed SFR is required of each student before the first day of attendance. This form indicates whom, in addition to the student, is responsible for the payment of fees. The SFR also explains the Gustavus policies relating to past due accounts and finance charges. The student, and at least one parent, legal guardian or guarantor must sign the SFR unless the student has been declared financially independent by the Gustavus Financial Aid Office. The SFR covers all fees incurred through the student’s final date of attendance, which is usually graduation. The use of the SFR provides us assurances with regard to the collection of fees and makes it possible to offer a variety of payment options to our students and parents. A mailing with brochures and information about payment options is sent to all students each spring. See the Gustavus Academic Bulletin for a comprehensive description of this plan.
Q: Why do I have a finance charge on my statement?
A: A finance charge of 1% per month (Annual Percentage Rate of 12%) is applied to the unpaid balance at the end of each month. To avoid a finance charge, please pay the balance listed on your statement by the due date.