Federal Perkins Loan Office

What is a Federal Perkins Loan?

The loan is a need-based, low-interest, fixed-rate loan. The loan is governed by federal regulations set by the Department of Education. This is a Title IV Program. Gustavus is the lender and administrator of this loan program. The loan must be repaid, the borrower may be allowed up to ten years or a minimum monthly payment of $40.

How Do I Apply for a Perkins Loan?

The Perkins Loan is no longer available after September 30, 2017 due to lack of funding by the federal government.

If I Have a Question About My Loan, Whom Do I Call?

Gustavus Adolphus College contracts University Accounting Service (UAS) to process Federal Perkins Loans. For more information, we have provided the links below or you may contact Gustavus Adolphus College Federal Perkins Loan Office at phone 507-933-7008 or Katie Hendrickson.

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