Paying Your Deposit


You've chosen Gustavus? You're going to be a Gustie! Congratulations!


First year students have until May 1, 2022* to submit the enrollment deposit. Financial aid, housing, and class registration are available to all students, but housing priority is determined by when we receive your deposit. *After May 1, accepting your deposit depends on available space in our first-year class. Admitted transfer students have until August to make their final decision.


Receipt of your deposit signals your official intention to enroll at Gustavus, so you should send your $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit as soon as you're certain Gustavus is the right college fit. If you've chosen another college, please log into your Applicant Portal and complete the Admission Decision Reply form; we'll close your application file. 

To pay your deposit, log into your Applicant Portal. Start the process by submitting the Admission Decision Reply form.


1. Reply to your offer of admission.

  • Log into your Applicant Portal and look for the Admission Decision Reply form. (Don’t see it? Then maybe you haven’t opened your online decision letter yet. Do that and return to the portal.)
  • When you submit the form, it’ll direct you to the Welcome to Gustavus website. 

2. Create your Gustavus user account.

  • So you can do all the steps needed for enrollment -- finalize financial aid, select housing, register for classes, etc. -- you need to choose a Gustavus email address (username).
  • Once you have a Gustavus username, you can make your payment. In the Your Next Step box, click Pay Your Deposit.

3. Pay your deposit.

  • To deposit by credit card
    You can pay your enrollment deposit using a credit card -- Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. (There’s no additional charge to do this for your initial deposit only, Gustavus will pay the convenience fee for you. Future payments to Gustavus can be made by credit card, but you will be charged a convenience fee. )

  • To deposit by from your bank account (checking or savings)
    You can also pay electronically using the account and routing numbers from a checking or savings account. Follow the steps above. International students only have the option to use Flywire to pay their deposit.

  • To deposit by mail
    No response card is needed to mail a deposit check, although a “deposit ticket” was included in the admission packet and financial aid award folder. Be sure your name and Gustavus ID number are listed on the check's Memo line. Please make the check payable to Gustavus Adolphus College and mail it using the pre-paid envelope included with the deposit ticket. (You should still create your Gustavus user account by following steps 1 and 2 above.)


To deposit, you'll need your Gustavus ID number and you'll need to create a Gustavus user account. Start by logging into your Applicant Portal. Technical problems or not sure what to do? Contact us at or (507)933-7676. 

And Then?

Thank you! After receiving your deposit, preparations will begin for your arrival in the fall. Late spring and summer mailings will be sent about housing, registration, and other enrollment information. You can learn more by visiting our Your Next Steps page.