New Student Registration
Fall 2020


Save the Date(s)!

Gustie Gear-Up! for new students starting Fall 2020 is June 17, 18, or 19, 2020. You will choose either Morning (8am to 3pm) or Afternoon (11am to 6pm) on one of those days. 

Further information for Fall 2020 Registration will be posted at the beginning of March

NOTE: Below is information from 2019; 2020 will be similar!


You're going to be a Gustie? CONGRATULATIONS! The information on this page will help you prepare to register for classes during our Gustie Gear-Up! event. You will attend Gustie Gear-Up! on June 19, 20, or 21, 2019. Here are your first steps:

Activate your Gustavus User Account:
Your first step is to activate your Gustavus User Account. You were sent an email the day after you paid your enrollment deposit that included activation instructions. Please contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or if you need help or have questions about activating your account.

Enrollment Checklist:
After you activate your Gustavus User Account, go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist. You will use your Enrollment Checklist to request housing, choose a class registration date, and keep track of other important details prior to arriving at Gustavus.

Gustavus ID#:
Did you know that you can find your Gustavus ID# in your Admission offer or on your Financial Aid Award? This is an important number for you to memorize! You will have your photo taken during Gustie Gear-Up! or Fall Orientation and will receive your ID card when you arrive on campus or soon after.


Beginning in mid-March, our Admission Office will mail you a Welcome Packet after you pay your enrollment deposit. The packet contains an important timeline that will assist you through the next few months! You will also find a Housing Preference sheet that provides instructions on beginning your housing application and profile beginning in April. Finally, the packet contains a Gustie Gear-Up! Registration Invitation that asks you to complete the online Gustie Gear-Up! RSVP form on your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist. Gustie Gear-Up! is our registration and summer orientation event when you will come to campus for one day (June 19, 20, or 21) to register for your fall classes. If you cannot attend Gustie Gear-Up!, there is a place on your Gustie Gear-Up! RSVP form to tell us that and to make arrangements to register by phone.


Starting in mid-May, incoming deposited students are mailed a Registration Packet to help them prepare to come to campus for Gustie Gear-Up!. The packet includes information on submitting the online Curriculum Preference form, searching for classes, taking placement exams, and using the Advising & Registration Manual (ARM). Electronic versions of these forms are found here:

2019 Preparing for Registration

2019 Liberal Arts Perspective First Term Seminar (FTS) Selection

2019 Advising & Registration Manual (ARM)


Most incoming Gustavus students need to take at least one placement exam prior to registering for classes. Visit the Should I Take a Placement Exam? page to help you decide which exam(s) you should take. More detailed information can be found on your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist.

Still not sure? TAKE THE EXAMS. Don't let the lack of a placement exam score keep you from registering for a class you need or want during registration. Taking a placement exam doesn't mean that you have to take that class this semester, but it does give you the option. Remember, placement exams do not impact your GPA. They are simply used for placement. When in doubt, TAKE THE EXAMS :-)

Calculus Placement

Chemistry Placement

Language Placement


After you activate your account, RSVP, submit your Curriculum Preference form, and take placement exams, you will be ready to attend Gustie Gear-Up! Registration and Summer Orientation on June 19, 20, or 21, 2019. On this fun and informational day you will register for your fall classes, take your ID photo, complete necessary paperwork, and enjoy lunch on us. Be sure to bring your Gustavus ID#, a photo ID (AND a Social Security card, birth certificate, or passport for student employment purposes), the Advising & Registration Manual (ARM), and a list of courses you might like to take.


Coming from a distance? On-campus overnight lodging for Gustie Gear-Up! Registration and Summer Orientation (nights of June 18-21, 2019) are available for a modest fee. For more information and to reserve your on-campus room, please use the Gustie Gear-Up! Overnight Lodging form. Area lodging options are also available.


Do you need an extra copy of any of the mailings or paper forms that you were sent from our Admission Office? You will find a comprehensive list on their 2019 Enrollment Forms page.