New Student Registration
Fall 2020


You're registered for your Fall 2020 Gustavus classes!

What an EXCITING TIME! Fall 2020 Gustavus class schedules are ready for all students who completed their Registration Preference forms by July 2, 2020. Many people at Gustavus worked very hard to create a functional, balanced class schedule that both 1) satisfies your interests and 2) gets you started on the path to timely graduation from Gustavus. Please check your Gustavus email for a message with instructions on how to access and interpret your schedule.

We recognize that receiving your class schedule is exciting, but can also be a stressful time. This is why it is so important to follow the steps outlined below by watching both of the videos in their entirety. The two videos answer many frequently asked questions, and should help assure you that you will be able to have further input this fall.

Remember that your schedule was created for you based on the information that you submitted on your online Registration Preference form on your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist. We also reviewed all other information that you sent to Gustavus, including your placement exam results, AP/IB exam results, and high school and college transcripts.

First, watch both videos:

Tip! Use this helpful Weekly Planning Sheet to map out your class schedule and plan your study, meal, wellbeing and social times!

Schedule Adjustments:

While a vast majority of incoming students will not need to make adjustments to their schedule, there are times when it's appropriate for students to make a change.

There is a two-stage approach to schedule adjustments. Stage 1 occured earlier this summer, and Stage 2 will occur this fall. Please watch the 'Explaining Your Gustavus Class Schedule' video for a further explanation.

  • Stage 1 (Complete): Schedule adjustments were offered earlier this summer for specific, time-sensitive reasons that needed to be addressed right away. That stage concluded in early August.

  • Stage 2: Now that we are well into August, all further schedule adjustments will occur during orientation this fall.
    • All incoming students will meet with their advisor during orientation and have the ability to make schedule adjustments at that time. 
    • Remember that schedule adjustments can be made all the way until the 10th day of the semester. In fact, in many ways it is easier to make a schedule adjustment after you arrive at Gustavus!


Did you recently decide to become a Gustie? CONGRATULATIONS! The information below will help you submit your class registration preferences online so that we can assemble your Fall 2020 class schedule.

Of course, we would have loved to host you, our new Gusties and their families, on campus for our traditional Gustie Gear-Up! Registration and Summer Orientation event in June 2020. However, COVID-19 prompted us to change our plans. So, rather than host you here for Gustie Gear-Up!, we are asking all new students to submit class registration preferences online so that we can create your Fall 2020 class schedule. As you can see above, schedules have been published for students who have completed the Registration Preference Form! Please follow the directions below so that we can get you off to a great start as well!

Here are your first steps:

Create and activate your Gustavus User Account:
Your first step is to create and activate your Gustavus User Account. You were sent an email the day after you paid your enrollment deposit that included account creation and activation instructions. Please contact the Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or if you need help or have questions about creating or activating your account.

Enrollment Checklist:
After you activate your Gustavus User Account, go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist. You will use your online Enrollment Checklist to request housing, submit your registration preferences, and keep track of other important details prior to arriving at Gustavus.

Gustavus ID#:
Students can find their Gustavus ID# in their Gustavus admission offer and/or financial aid information. This is an important number for you to memorize! You will have your photo taken during Fall Orientation, and will receive your Gustavus ID card soon after.


Our Admission Office mailed you a Welcome Packet after you paid your enrollment deposit. The packet contained a Gustavus Enrollment Timeline that will assist you through the next few months. The packet also included a Housing Preference handout that provides instructions on how to complete your online housing application and profile.


Starting in mid-May, incoming students started receiving a Registration Packet. The packet includes instructions on how to submit the online Registration Preference form, as well as information about taking placement exams, submitting AP and/or IB scores, submitting PSEO/CIS transcripts, and using the Advising & Registration Manual (ARM). The following items were included in the packet:

2020 Submitting Registration Preferences

2020 First-Term Seminar (FTS) Selection

2020 Three Crowns Curriculum Information

2020 Advising & Registration Manual (ARM)


Please go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist and complete your Registration Preference form as soon as possible. The information you provide on your Registration Preference form will be used by Gustavus advisors to create your Fall 2020 class schedule. The form will likely take you 15-20 minutes to complete.

Be sure to complete your own form so that your schedule will reflect your own academic interests. (Translation: The form should be completed by the student, not a parent or anybody else.)


Most incoming Gustavus students need to take at least one placement exam prior to class registration. Visit the Should I Take a Placement Exam? page to help you decide which exam(s) you should take. More detailed information can be found on your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist.

Still not sure after reading the instructions? TAKE THE EXAMS. Don't let the lack of a placement exam score keep you from getting into a class you want. Taking a placement exam doesn't mean that you have to take that class this semester, but it does give you the option. Remember, placement exams do not impact your GPA. They are simply used for placement. When in doubt, TAKE THE EXAMS :-)

Calculus Placement

Chemistry Placement

Language Placement


Have you earned any college credits prior to coming to Gustavus? If so, be sure to request that your official college transcripts and/or AP or IB test scores are sent directly to Gustavus from the institution(s) that granted the credit. It is not enough to have these classes listed on your high school transcript. You must request for the official college transcript(s) and/or test score be sent directly to Gustavus.

Send transcripts to the Gustavus Admission Office, 800 W. College Ave, Saint Peter, MN, 56082 or electronically to . If courses are still in progress, transcripts may be sent upon course completion. Sending transcripts as soon as possible will assist us in assembling your class schedule and figuring out how your credits will transfer to Gustavus. Please request to have your college transcript(s) and scores sent as soon as possible. Thank you! 


If you submit your Registration Preference form after July 2, 2020, your Fall 2020 class schedule will be made available to you within 7-10 days of submitting the form. You will receive an email at that time with instructions on how to access your schedule and a video that helps explain how your courses fit within the Gustavus curriculum. Students will also learn about the process and timeline for schedule adjustments this fall.


Do you need an extra copy of any of the mailings or paper forms that you were sent from our Admission Office? You will find a comprehensive list on their 2020 Enrollment Forms page.


Students: Do you have questions? Chat or email with us using your Gustavus account. Simply start a Google Chat or send an email to with your question.

Parents and Families: Please encourage your student to contact us with any questions. Privacy laws prevent us from directly communicating about a student's academic record with anybody other than the student.