New Student Registration
Spring 2021

It's time to register for your Spring 2021 Gustavus classes!

Have you decided to become a Gustie starting in the Spring 2021 semester? CONGRATULATIONS! The information below will help you submit your class registration preferences online so that we can assemble your class schedule.

Here are your first steps:

1) Create and activate your Gustavus User Account:
Your first step is to create and activate your Gustavus User Account. You were sent an email soon after you paid your enrollment deposit that included account creation and activation instructions. Please contact the Gustavus Technology Helpline (507-933-6111 or if you need help or have questions about creating or activating your account.

2) Enrollment Checklist:
After you activate your Gustavus User Account, go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist. You will use your online Enrollment Checklist to request housing, submit your registration preferences, and keep track of other important details prior to arriving at Gustavus.

3) Gustavus ID#:
Students can find their Gustavus ID# in their Gustavus admission offer and/or financial aid information. This is an important number for you to memorize! You can upload a photo for your Gustavus ID card on your Enrollment Checklist or have your ID photo taken during orientation. You will receive your Gustavus ID card shortly thereafter.


Our Admission Office will mail you a Registration Packet after you pay your enrollment deposit. The packet includes instructions on how to submit the online Registration Preference form, as well as information about taking placement exams, submitting AP and/or IB scores, and submitting your high school and college transcripts. The packet also includes a Housing Preference handout that provides instructions on how to complete your online housing application and profile.


Please go to your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist and complete your Registration Preference form. The information that you provide on your Registration Preference form will be used by a Gustavus advisor to create your Spring 2021 class schedule. The form will likely take you 20-30 minutes to complete.

Be sure to complete your own form so that your schedule will reflect your own academic interests. (Translation: The form should be completed by the student, not a parent or anybody else.)

While completing your form, you are certainly welcome (but not required) to browse WebAdvisor to see available Gustavus classes being taught during Spring 2021. WebAdvisor is the web-based system that Gustavus students use to access academic and financial information, register for courses, and check grades. To view classes, go to WebAdvisor, click on Guests (on the left) and then Search for Classes (on the right).


Most incoming Gustavus students need to take at least one placement exam prior to class registration. Visit the Should I Take a Placement Exam? page to help you decide which exam(s) you should take. More detailed information can be found on your Gustavus Enrollment Checklist.

You do not need to take a placement exam if you already have college credit for a non-English language, calculus, or chemistry. Instead, you will register for the next appropriate course.

Still not sure after reading the instructions? TAKE THE EXAM(S). Don't let the lack of a placement exam score keep you from getting into a class you want. Taking a placement exam doesn't mean that you have to take that class this semester, but it does give you the option. Remember, placement exams do not impact your GPA. They are simply used for placement.

Calculus Placement

Language Placement

*Students starting at Gustavus in Spring 2021 do not need to worry about taking the Chemistry placement exam. Introductory chemistry courses are only offered in the fall semester.*


Have you earned any college credits prior to coming to Gustavus? If so, be sure to request that your official college transcripts and/or AP or IB test scores are sent directly to Gustavus from the institution(s) that granted the credit. It is not enough to have these classes listed on your high school transcript. You must request for the official college transcript(s) and/or test score be sent directly to Gustavus.

Transcripts may be sent electronically to the Gustavus Admission Office ( or Registrar's Office (

If mailing transcripts, please use this address:
800 W. College Ave
Saint Peter, MN 56082

If courses are still in progress, transcripts may be sent upon course completion. Sending transcripts as soon as possible will assist us in assembling your class schedule and figuring out how your credits will transfer to Gustavus. Please request to have your college transcript(s) and scores sent as soon as possible. Thank you!

Your final transcript(s) must be received and reviewed in order for you to participate in varsity athletics.


You will receive your Spring 2021 Gustavus class schedules 10-14 days after you submit your Registration Preference form.

Once your schedule has been created, you will receive an email with links to the videos below. These videos will help you access your schedule and understand how your courses fit within the Gustavus curriculum. Please watch both videos in their entirety.

Watch 'Accessing Your Gustavus Class Schedule'

Watch 'Understanding Your Gustavus Class Schedule'

Tip! Once you receive your schedule, use this helpful Weekly Planning Sheet to map out your classes and start to plan your study, meal, wellbeing, and social times.

Schedule Adjustments:

While a vast majority of incoming students will not need to make schedule adjustments, there are times when it's appropriate to make a change. That is why all incoming students will meet with their advisor at the beginning of the semester and have the ability to make schedule adjustments at that time.

Remember that schedule adjustments can be made all the way until the 10th day of the semester. In fact, in many ways it is easier to make a schedule adjustment after you arrive at Gustavus!


The Gustavus Campus Activities Office will conduct a brief new student orientation at the start of Spring 2021. Orientation is intended to assist you with your transition to Gustavus and sense of belonging in the community. You will receive more information about orientation in the future. Please direct any questions about orientation to Andrea Junso at or 507-933-7598 in the Campus Activities Office.


Are you a student with a disability who is interested in learning more about academic accommodations? If so, please consult the Accessibility Resources section of the Academic Support Center website about the services offered and how to contact staff with your questions. We welcome all students. It is the policy of Gustavus Adolphus College to provide appropriate accommodations for enrolled students who have disabilities.

Congratulations, and welcome to Gustavus!