Readmission to Gustavusfor students returning after time away

Students who have attended Gustavus in the past without completing their degree and would like to return* must complete the online Application for Readmission (below).

*There are two exceptions:

  1. Students returning from active duty military service should bypass this process and contact the Registrar's Office directly.
  2. Students who enrolled full-time at another college or university* after leaving Gustavus (meaning they took 12+ credits in at least one semester) should apply to Gustavus as a transfer student as outlined on the Transfer Student Admission website. *However, if the student was suspended from Gustavus, they should still follow the readmission steps outlined below. 

Readmission is initiated by the student and facilitated by Academic Support Center staff. The timeline follows these steps:

The student:

  • Receives notification that the application has been received
  • Communicates with Academic Support Center staff
  • Completes any necessary requirements and resolves any holds (academic, judicial, financial, medical, etc)
  • Receives an electronic letter from the Provost Office confirming their readmission (if approved)
  • Registers for classes with the assistance of their faculty advisor or Academic Support Center staff

The Academic Support Center staff:

  • Receives and reviews the Application for Readmission
  • Responds to the student via email to discuss their individual plan
  • Contacts campus partners (Registrar, Student Accounts, etc.) to check for requirements or outstanding holds
  • Communicates any requirements or outstanding holds to the student
  • Notifies the student of acceptance or denial in conjunction with the Provost Office
  • Informs campus partners of decision and anticipated date of return

Since special circumstances often exist for students seeking readmission, please contact Academic Support Center Director Tom McHugh with any questions. Tom can elaborate on the above details and help you through the readmission timeline.