Creating Your Four-Year Plan

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Graduation Requirements

Challenge Curriculum (CHAL), NEW Fall 2020

Take 34 course credits or the equivalent including at least two full-credit January Term (JAN) courses.

Liberal Arts Perspective (LAP)

Take 34 course credits (at least 31 semester courses must be taken during the fall and spring semesters or summer transfer credits)

  • 2 credits: Interim Experience (IEX) courses (also known as “J-Term”)
  • .5 credit: Personal Fitness course from the Health and Exercise Science department (HES 100, FIT)
  • .5 credits: a total of .5 credits worth of Lifetime Activities classes from the HES course offerings (ACT)

 *Note: a maximum of 2 IEX courses and .5 ACT courses can count in the 34 credits to graduate 

Three Crowns Curriculum (3CC)

New Fall 2020: Take 34 course credits including at least two full-credit January Term (JAN) courses. 3CC Students take a sequence of eight integrated and cross disciplinary courses plus choose additional classes in non-English language (up to three) and Wellbeing.

Upperclasspersons (Gustavus start prior to 2020): Take 34 course credits including two IEX Interim Experience courses and one credit FIT & ACT courses as described above in LAP. 3CC Students take a sequence of nine integrated and cross disciplinary courses plus an additional three chosen classes in quantitative reasoning, non-English language, and physical fitness. 

Use the “What If” option on the Degree Audit if you…

  • Have not declared your major, but have an idea to explore
  • Have declared your major, but may be changing your mind
  • Are curious about how close you might be to a potential major with the courses you have taken

 (CHAL = Challenge, LAP = Liberal Arts Perspective, 3CC = 3 Crowns)

  • Search for Classes Screen in WebAdvisor: Click on the link of general education approvals at the top of the page to see your choices for fulfilling area requirements for the semester of your choice.
  • Catalog (Academic Bulletin): By department, there are course descriptions, which include pre-requisites that are needed, which semesters they are offered, and what requirement areas they fulfill. The Catalog will also give you a list of the classes that are required for a specific major. An electronic copy can be found electronically here or a hard copy at the Academic Support Center, Anderson Hall 107.

Steps for Creating Your Four-Year Plan

  1. Use the Academic Support Center website or PDF files of the Advising and Registration Manual (2019 OR 2020) to look at recommended first year classes and lay out those courses on your four-year plan worksheet.
  2. Use the worksheet to lay out courses required for your possible major in sequential order paying attention to pre-requisites, which semester they are offered, etc. Note: some major departments have already created sample four-year plans. Refer to this website to look at specific departments.
  3. If you are considering a pre-health interest, refer to this Health Profession website. There are sample four-year plans available for many pre-professional programs.
  4. Look at how many credits and how much time you have for general education requirements (LAP, CHAL or 3CC) and electives. Think of the “Rule of Thirds”: 1/3 courses for your major, 1/3 general education courses, and 1/3 courses available for electives.
  5. Are you trying to fit in a study away (study abroad) or internship semester? Can you tell which semester might be a good time to go? Which semester might have the least demand for taking major courses here?
  6. Do you have the option of taking summer school or an online course?
  7. Have all of your CIS, AP, PSEO, IB or transfer courses been included in your plan? Do they appear on your degree audit? 

Looking for more help? Schedule an appointment with a Peer Academic Coach in ASC at 507-933-7227