Request to TEST in ASCAcademic Support Center

The Academic Support Center provides three private, camera-monitored testing rooms to accommodate students with disabilities. These rooms are prioritized for students who need assistive technology, scribing, audio, and/or private testing as an accommodation, or utilized if faculty are not able to find space for accommodated testing within their department. A testing room can be requested as soon as the exam date is known and at least three business days in advance. The process is initiated by a student completing the request form. Faculty must then review the request and complete their portion of the form. The form is then sent to the ASC who will then finalize the exam date and time. The process and testing policies and procedures are outlined below.

Request to TEST Process

*Please note that as of 9/25/2023 the process is a Qualtrics form and that steps have slightly changed. Contact Cinde in the ASC if you have questions.


  • Completes the REQUEST FORM
  • Receives confirmation email that request is awaiting faculty review
  • Separate email is sent to faculty to review request
  • Student notified by email that their request has been approved or denied by faculty
  • If denied, an alternate test plan must be discussed between faculty and student
  • If approved, ASC emails student and faculty confirmation with testing appointment details


  • Receives email that action is required for a student request
  • Uses link in email to review request and proceed through form to approve or deny
  • If approving, fills out form information including test type, length, delivery/return methods
  • If denying, email sent to student; alternate test plan must be discussed between faculty and student
  • ASC receives request and approval confirmation
  • ASC emails student and faculty confirmation with testing appointment details

Policies and Procedures

Testing Appointment

  • Exams must be scheduled at least three business days in advance.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will begin losing testing time.
  • If you are unable to test at your scheduled time, you must obtain permission from your professor to reschedule and submit another Request to Test in ASC.
  • If you miss your testing appointment, it will be up to your professor to determine if you can reschedule the test.
  • Do not assume that you are testing in ASC if you have not received a confirmation of your day and time to test.

Using the Exam Room

  • Student places all belongings outside testing room using hooks and/or floor.
  • Student shows staff that cell phone and any other technology is in backpack/coat etc. outside of room. Clocks are provided.
  • Water, gum, and candy are permitted.
  • Bathroom breaks are permitted if staff is notified; no cell phone usage during break.
  • Staff double checks any other items permitted (notes, calculator, books, etc).
  • Student is reminded that the testing is monitored.
  • Staff confirms testing end time.
  • Exam is submitted to staff when complete or when allotted time has expired.

Academic Honesty

  • Students are expected to adhere to the Gustavus Honor Code posted in each testing room.
  • All ASC testing rooms have cameras that will record during testing.
  • If ASC staff observe or suspect cheating, the test will be stopped and the professor will be notified.
  • The professor will determine the consequence and report an Honor Code violation.

If you have questions please contact