Campus Activities

The mission of the Office of Campus Activities at Gustavus Adolphus is closely linked to the mission of the College, with leadership development, student learning, opportunities for service to the College and community, and personal well being at its core.

The Campus Activities Office:

  • Promotes student engagement through experiential education.
  • Provides opportunities for students to learn and utilize leadership skills.
  • Fosters an environment that connects students and builds community.
  • Facilitates a comprehensive series of intellectual, multicultural, recreational, social, and campus governance programs.
  • Helps students realize their individual and collective potential.
Upcoming events
Date Event
Sep 4 79 p.m. Playfair Forum
Sep 11 810 p.m. Spring Concert
Sep 12 79 p.m. Headphone Disco Forum
Sep 19 79 p.m. Next Level Gaming Forum
Sep 26 7 p.m. Throw Back Time Machine Tent
Oct 14 7 p.m. Kyla Lacey Cafe
Oct 19 79 p.m. Chloe Hilliard Cafe
Oct 31 79 p.m. Ghost Hunter Cafe
Nov 12 79 p.m. Jessie Campbel Cafe
Mar 7, 2021 79 p.m. Jej Vinson Cafe

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