Campus Activities

The mission of the Office of Campus Activities at Gustavus Adolphus is closely linked to the mission of the College, with leadership development, student learning, opportunities for service to the College and community, and personal well being at its core. The Campus Activities Office

  • Promotes student engagement through experiential education.
  • Provides opportunities for students to learn and utilize leadership skills.
  • Fosters an environment that connects students and builds community.
  • Facilitates a comprehensive series of intellectual, multicultural, recreational, social, and campus governance programs.
  • Helps students realize their individual and collective potential.
Upcoming events
Date Event
Jan 25 79 pm Door Decs and Desserts Cafe
Jan 27 1:457 pm Rock Climbing at Vertical Endeavors (ticket required) Endeavors, Bloomington
Feb 21 7:3010 pm Potter Potter at the Pantages Theatre Theatre
Mar 21 6:308:30 pm GAC Talks Auditorium, Nobel Hall
6:308:30 pm GAC Talks Auditorium, Nobel Hall
Past events
Date Event
Jan 18 68 pm Giant Board Games Dive
Jan 17 7:309 pm Bingo in The Dive Dive
Jan 15 6:308:30 pm Canvas Painting Cafe
Jan 12 5:1510 pm Timberwolves Game (ticket required) Center
Jan 812 Timberwolves Game (ticket required) Center

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