Campus Activities Board

What is the Campus Activities Board?

CAB was designed with the fundamental goals to enrich the educational, cultural, social, and recreational needs for the entire Gustavus community. It is our duty to plan and execute a variety of programs and activities, being sure to satisfy the entertainment needs of the student body. With student input, we hope to provide the community with a vast array of entertainment opportunities. 

The mission of the Campus Activities Board is to enrich the campus life experience by encouraging the involvement of all students in entertainment that is engaging and enjoyable. 

The Campus Activities Board strives for success in a variety of ways but primarily through these common goals: gaining all student input, planning and implementing diverse events, becoming recognized leaders, providing students with a connection to campus, and having fun.

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Upcoming Events: President's Ball



Get to Know the 2023 Executive Board:

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Upcoming events
Date Event
Oct 7 68 p.m. Homecoming Student Organization Window Painting Young Dining Room
Campus Activities Board
 | Gustie Den | 104F | Johnson Student Union