Concerts Executive

The Concerts executive is responsible for planning and facilitating medium to large concerts on campus.

This executive is the complement to the Coffeehouse executive. While the Coffeehouse executive is devoted to a smaller, more personal concert atmosphere, the Concerts executive is devoted to medium to large-scale concert productions on campus. Every other year it is the Concerts executive's responsibility to plan the Spring Concert. This means that they are engaged in bringing a major recording artist to perform on campus. Previous artists include:

  • Hunter Hayes (Spring Concert, April 2016)
  • 3OH!3 (Spring Concert, May 2018)
  • Grayson DeWolfe (Homecoming, September 2021)
  • Bad Bad Hats (Family Weekend, October 2022) 

2022 is a Spring Concert Year. Check our socials in the near future to see who will be performing! 

During non-Spring Concert years (odd years), we will feature small to medium-sized bands and artists. 

If you would like to know more about this position or have any suggestions to help CAB improve this portion of your on-campus entertainment please e-mail 

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