Event Planning Checklist

Event Plan Template
Use this template to help you think through basic event logistics.

To request or change set-up or technology services after you have reserved the room, please email gustavusevents@gustavus.edu

Planning Timeline

6-12 Months Before Event
  • Determine goal for the event
    • Why are we doing this?
    • What outcome do we want?
    • Who is the target audience?
    • How will we define success?
    • Select date and time for all major events for the year
    • Determine event budget
  • For student organizations, meet with the Director of Assistant Director of Campus Activities to discuss details of your event
  • Determine event date
  • Request reservation for space
    • Request will include requesting needs for food, tech, and set-up
  • Complete a publicity plan
  • Complete a logistics plan - imagine the event in your mind from start to finish an Event Plan Template )
  • Does your event involve a guest speaker/performer from off campus? Find out more details about hosting a guest
  • Is your event a bonfire?
    • You must complete a bonfire request with Campus Safety.
    • Final approval will be granted the day of the request based on weather conditions.
  • Is your event a fundraiser? Read the fundraising policy.
  • Will you need tickets for your event?
    • Event ticketing may be set up through gustavustickets.com by contacting the Campus Activities Office.
    • There are fees associated with ticket sales that your budget would be responsible for.
    • Contact the Campus Activities Office to learn more at 933-7598 or lpowers@gustavus.edu.
3 Months Before Event
  • Prepare all promotional pieces
  • Write promotion copy
2 Months Before Event
  • Start promotions
  • Complete a day of event timeline - what is happening when and who is doing what
  • Complete staff/volunteer job descriptions for the event
  • Request a student photographer if photos will be needed for future promotion
1 Month Before Event
  • Confirm all logistics for food
    • Contact Dining Service with questions, concerns, or updates
    • Selecting food consider your budget and dietary restrictions such as vegetarian/vegans and allergen options (dairy free, gluten free, etc.)
  • Confirm room set-up
  • Confirm any updates for tech needs and notify of changes
    • Contact Event Technical Service with questions, concerns, or updates
    • Determine if a sound check is needed for a speaker
    • Event Services schedules staff to set up 1 hour before the start of the event and plans for all set-up to be complete 30 minutes before the start of an event
    • Continue implementing publicity plan
  • Forward a schedule of events to offices who frequently are asked questions: Telecommunications, Campus Activities Information Desk, the Book Mark, and Campus Safety
Week of Event
  • Confirm the guaranteed number (this is the number of meals you will be billed for even if you have fewer people show up) three days before the event.
  • Final event publicity
  • Post event Powerpoints and videos online for those with visual limitations