Event Technology Support

When you reserve a space you should also request if you will need the services of Physical Plant, Dining Service, or Event Technical Service.

Here is contact information if you need to contact these departments outside of the room request process: 

  • Building Services: manages event set-up requests. The office may be reached at 507-933-7504 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and via email at pplant@gustavus.edu.
  • Dining Services: manages food and beverage requests.
  • Event Technical Services: manages microphones, speakers, projection, and live streaming requests.
  • Gustavus Technology Services: manages Zoom and Google Meets.

Please submit requests as soon as details are known; no later than three weeks before the event. Staff is scheduled two weeks prior to an event

Event Technical Services manages microphones, speakers, projection, and live streaming requests. 
Gustavus Technology Services manages Zoom and Google Meets.

The Office of Event Technical Services manages event technology requests. The office may be reached at 507-933-7373 every day from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. and via email at eventservices@gustavus.edu.

Every space on campus does not have the same built in technical abilities. Staff will use their discretion to best meet the requests based on the equipment and staffing available.


  • Most classrooms and small meeting spaces have a built in projector that can be used without additional staff support.

Sound Systems

  • All event spaces with built-in sound systems will need an Event Services staff member to turn the system on and off.
  • The College also owns a small portable sound system with 2 hand held microphones and that can plug into an aux cable to play music.
  • Music may be played from a computer or phone via an aux cord. Please notify staff if you plan to play music.
  • Microphone(s) - determine how many and what type
    • NOTE: The number of microphones allowed varies by location
    • Options include: Podium with mic, wired with mic stand, wireless hand-held or clip-on
  • For a larger sound system, see information on support for an outside band/musical performer.
    • It may be necessary to have a separate band sound system which requires substantially more set-up time. Please inform Event Technical Service as soon as possible (a minimum of 3 weeks before the event).
    • A contract with tech rider is required.
  • You may check out equipment to record your own event through the Library. Requests may be sent via email.

Download files BEFORE event
All music, Power Point, and videos should be downloaded onto a computer before the event to avoid issues with internet connectivity.