Audiovisual Department

Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library

Inquiries can be sent to or call 507-933-7557.

Loan Periods for Audiovisual Material and Equipment


Gustavus faculty and staff: 14 days
Local school teachers and MSU faculty: 7 days
Gustavus students and public library members: 7 days

AV Equipment (Video Cameras/projectors/webcams)

Gustavus faculty, staff and students: 3 days

Course Reserves

These audiovisual materials have been placed on reserve at the Information Desk (main floor). These materials have much shorter check-out periods, chosen by the professor placing them on reserve. They are:

Two hours, one day, or 3 weeks (Print only)
Four hours (DVD/VHS only)

These materials are for in-house use only and cannot be taken out of the library.

Collection Holdings

The audiovisual collection consists of non-print material, including:

  • DVDs/Videos (6,000+)
  • Films (16mm)
  • Slides
  • Audio cassettes

We have an excellent collection of documentary videos; many are based on novels and many are in foreign languages. We have a smaller cllection of 16mm films, slides and audiotapes. The audiotapes range from poetry to a series of American history tapes. Our slide collection supports the art and language curriculum as well as other Library of Congress subjects. DVDs and videos are the majority of the audiovisual collection.

Unique highlights of our audiovisual collection include many Bergman and Max VonSydow videos and all 37 plays from Shakespeare's BBC series on DVD. We also have the Nobel Conference audio and videotapes from 1979 to the present.

Searching Tips for Audiovisual Materials

All videos, DVDs, films, slides and audiocassettes are cataloged in the library's catalog.

Audiovisual Services

**********Temporary COVID-19 Policies*********

AV Classrooms I and II will be kept locked, but are available for faculty to reserve. Seating compacity will be limited to 14 and 12 occupants. To reserve these rooms, call 933.7557 or e-mail

One Preview room will be available for use. Maximum occupancy is one person and users are asked to clean the room before and after use. Students are encouraged to use check-out portable DVD drives for viewing DVDs. DVD drives can be checked out at the Information Desk


The Library AV Classrooms I and II are available for faculty and student presentations as well as video screenings. AV Classroom I has an EPSON Projection System. *Faculty may also schedule video/DVD classroom screenings. The seating capacity is 45 comfortably, however more chairs can be made available. AV Classroom II has EPSON Projection System with seating capacity of 30 plus additional chairs. To reserve these rooms, call 933.7557 or e-mail

​*Faculty Note: The library's part-time Audiovisual position was not replaced and, without a dedicated staff person, there are no longer student employees for Audiovisual services. ​ Unfortunately, we are unable to provide staff to ​set up the room​ and​ cue up films for viewing. Please​ arrive early in order to allow yourself enough time to prepare the room, familiarize yourself with the equipment, and start the film. If you are not planning to attend the viewing, we recommend arranging with a student or student assistant to show up early to set up the room.



Two webcams are on reserve and available for checkout for use in the library for faculty, staff, and students.

Purchasing/Ordering Information

The Library Audio Visual Department is the acquisition center for all campus DVD/Video purchases. This campus policy was instituted to ensure licensing agreements were appropriate for classroom face-to-face teaching, and to help control duplication of titles and inventory. These videos will be cataloged and available to faculty in all departments. Additionally, these may be checked out to academic departments on a long-term basis.

While video recordings with Public Performance Rights usually cost significantly more than those for Home Use Only, the Library will make every reasonable effort to purchase materials with Public Performance Rights or at least with Educational Performance rights in order to ensure compliance with Copyright laws and regulations for classroom/instructional use. The Library cannot negotiate public performance rights for campus groups/special events. Faculty specifying Home Use Only version on their requests for video recordings or supplying Home Use Only video recordings will be informed of the policy and provided with the prices of the Public Performance versions whenever possible.

Your library acquisitions budget may be used for DVD/Video purchases. Many distributors offer discounts for these acquisitions. Contact your library liaison for more information.

See the Library's complete Collection Development Policy for other considerations.

Video Recordings: Terms of Use Policy

Video recordings, whether on videotape, CD-ROM, DVD, or other formats, are subject to copyright protection, as spelled out in US Code Title 17. The Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library adheres to this Video Recording Policy to ensure the College is in compliance with the law. The Library purchases and makes available recorded materials with the following rights and limitations: for Home Use Only, with Educational Performance Rights, or with Public Performance Rights.

Home Use Only
A video recording purchased with a "Home Use Only" license may not be shown for public performance. Video recordings without defined performance rights will be considered to be licensed for Home Use only. Home Use restricts showings "in home" to a "normal circle of family and its social acquaintances." Home Use Only video recordings may be borrowed from the library for viewing at home. There is a single exception to Home Use Only referred to as the "face-to-face teaching" exemption.
Face-to-Face Teaching
The copyright law contains an exception which allows the lawful use of "home use only" (Title 17, US Code, Copyrights, Section 110(1): Limitations on exclusive rights). The following is not an infringement of copyright: Performance or display of a video by instructors or students in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction.
Educational Performance
Video recordings acquired with Educational Performance Rights may be shown in a classroom or place devoted to instruction. They may be checked out to students and others for campus educational use. They are not to be shown to groups outside the classroom. Video recordings in this category may be placed on reserve for student study purposes.
Public Performance
To perform or display video recordings at a place open to the public or at any place where a substantial number of persons gather. Video recordings acquired by Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library with Public Performance Rights are not subject to the above restrictions.