Building Bridges, 2024Childhood Poverty: Uniting Voices to Empower Tomorrow

We Invite you to the 29th Building Bridges Conference, Childhood Poverty: Uniting Voices to Empower Tomorrow, happening in-person on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. The conference begins at 9:00AM CST. 

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Conference Preview

In the 29th year of the organization, the Building Bridges Conference will focus on the issue of child poverty, highlighting the particular disparities that LGBTQ+ youth and youth of color face. We believe that childhood poverty is a pressing and multi-faceted issue, and is one that, in Minnesota, goes without much attention. In the conference, we will confront issues of housing insecurity, educational poverty, and discriminative gaps. As a committee, we are dedicated to promoting advocacy against the issue within our communities. We want to amplify the voices of the affected children and raise awareness around their situations.

In Solidarity,

Ainsley Langerud and Alex Dillon

2023-2024 Building Bridges Co-Chairs 

About Building Bridges:

Building Bridges is a student organization at Gustavus Adolphus College that focuses on educating and informing community members on issues relating to social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Building Bridges’ signature event is the annual Building Bridges Conference, which takes place every spring. The conference is completely organized and run by students who choose the focus of each year’s conference. Building Bridges members work all year to not only educate and bring awareness, but also to give attendees the tools to be active and engaged in these social justice issues. The conference aims to educate the community through keynote speakers, a series of workshops and other interactive elements. Past topics have included: Refugees and Asylum Seekers (2023) Education Justice (2022), Collective Liberation (2021), Climate Justice (2020), Immigration (2019), Mental Health (2018), Grassroots Movements (2017), The War on Drugs (2016), Rape Culture (2015), Environmental Justice (2014), and Mass Incarceration (2013).

2023-2024 Building Bridges Co-Chairs