2021 Workshop Speakers

Revolutionizing Tomorrow:
Envisioning a World of Collective Liberation

Bloomington Anti-Racist Coalition (BARC)

The Bloomington Anti-Racist Coalition (BARC) is a group of current and former Bloomington students advocating for anti-racist changes in their school district. BARC looks forward to radical and measurable change in curriculums, resources, and student punishments.

Tahmyrah Lytle (they/them)

Tahmyrah Lytle is an Afro-Latine, nonbinary musician, writer, restauranteur, and activist. When they aren't cooking, reading Marxist theory, or facilitating classes on understanding capitalism online, they're writing silly songs on their ukulele and caring for their family. They believe in bringing joy to their community through uplifting local art, culture, music, and comedy, as well as educating others on how to dismantle oppressive structures and build next systems.


Tre Tellor (he/him)

Tre is currently in his third year at Augsburg University studying sociology and theology and hopes to attend seminary to become a Lutheran pastor. Through experiencing protests, organizing, and participating in direct action, Tre has slowly come to merge his anti-capitalist and anti-state politics with his Christian faith and uses both to make his praxis more effective and holistic.