2022 Workshop Speakers

Knowledge is Power: Dismantling Systematic Bias in Educational Systems

Letitia Basford (she/her)

Letitia Basford is a Professor in the School of Education & Leadership at Hamline University and the Faculty Director of the Hamline’s Center for Teaching and Learning. Her teaching and research interests focus on students’ equitable access to education, with a focus on culturally responsive pedagogy and restorative school practices. She will speak with us about the school-to-prison pipeline. What it is, how it happens, whom it affects, and the long-term impact that the pipeline has on students in the United States. Most importantly, she will share what she has learned from her research about how educators can prevent the pipeline from occurring.


Ponny White (she/her)

“As a first generation West African Immigrant, raised in a working-class household, I root all of my community activism, organizing, political advocacy and outreach work in centering Diasporic Black joy, access, and liberation.” Ponny White is a Child Care Policy Associate at School Readiness Consulting, and a graduate from Minnesota State University Moorhead who received a Bachelors of Science and Bachelors of Art degree in Political Science and Multimedia Journalism with an emphasis in Women’s and Gender Studies in spring 2020. Along with her career in advocating for equitable child care policies, Ponny is a dedicated reproductive rights and gender justice activist who works with organizations like “Advocates for Youth'' and “Girls for Gender Equity” and the “MN Young Women’s Initiative” to advocate legislatively for young people’s access to affordable reproductive care and education. As well as advocating for policies that protect and uplift the experiences of women, girls, and GNC people. Ponny’s 2022 impact goal is to prioritize radical joy. 


Dan Buck (he/him)

Dan is the Educational Equity for Outfront Minnesota. Dan focuses on the fundamentals of success for every student. Dan combines strategies of intersectionality and inclusivity to create a strong sense of belonging for students, educators, and school districts.