Hosting Off-Campus Performers


  • Start the contract process 6-8 weeks before your event
  • All students organizations MUST work with the Campus Activities Office to process agreed upon fees, contracts, and payment.

Sending the contract

Signing the contract

  • Performer completes, signs, and returns
  • Turn in contract to be counter signed by Gustavus CFO. Submit to the Finance Office.

Requesting payment

  • Submit a signed and counter-signed contract with a request for payment to the Finance Office at least 1 week before event.


  • Option #1 - Ask the guest to pay an all inclusive amount that includes the guest coordinating their own transportation to campus either by renting a car or taking the Land to Air shuttle.
  • Option #2 - Reserve college vehicles with Telecommunications if you need to pick-up or drop-off guest from the airport
    • All drivers of all college vehicles must pass the online training 
    • Keys may be picked up from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Telecommunications Office (basement of Olin Hall).

Campus Housing

  • Reserve on-campus housing in the Guest House or Church Retreat Center via Office of Church Relations
    • For reservations and inquiries, please e-mail, or phone 507-933-7001.
    • The key packet (with parking pass) for a guest may be picked up in the Office of Church Relations by the host on the day of a guest’s arrival or on Friday for a weekend arrival.
    • Check in time is after 3pm; check out is 10 a.m.
    • For hosts requesting that keys be left in the house foyer for a late arrival, please make the request at least one full work day in advance. These guests will need to phone Campus Safety (507-933-8888) to be admitted by an officer. 

Meal Tickets

Hosting an Author

  • If guest is an author and there are off-campus audience members, request books for sale event at the Book Mark
Hosting an a band/musical performer
  • If support is requested from Event Technical Services for a band, you must contact this office BEFORE signing a contract to determine if the equipment and staff requests may be fulfilled.
  • Submit your request, with the tech rider from the performer, via email to
  • It may be determined that you will need to hire an off-campus tech company.
    • The College owns some equipment to support a band, yet not all needs may be met.
    • Setting up a separate sound system requires 4-8 staff up to 4 hours, plus a technician to run the sound.
    • Staffing may not be available to meet all requests.