Gustavus Greek Life

"Going Greek" at Gustavus means joining a social fraternity or sorority of students who want to make a difference on campus - either through philanthropic fundraising events, community service, peer support or campus pride! Gustavus boasts 14 social fraternities & sororities- each offering a unique experience and a chance to make lifelong friendships. Through Greek-letter organizations, students participate in social events, develop leadership skills, and make lifelong friends.

Greek Recruitment Opportunities

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Greek organizations have been held as a social and service outlet for students at Gustavus for over 100 years. In 1904, the first Greek organizatiatons were founded; two of which still exist today. By 1930, there were fifteen organizations on campus.

On April 25, 1988, all Greek organizations were banned from Gustavus. After spending nearly five years underground, fraternities and sororities were once again recognized as student organizations on campus. During the reinstatement process, fraternities and sororities agreed to abide by the college's stipulations, and the newly instated Inter-Greek Senate's constititution.

For generations, the Greek system has been a staple in the Gustavus community. Today, there are twelve Greek organizations recognized by the Gustavus campus; six sororities and six fraternities. Almost one-fifth of the Gustavus student body is Greek.


Leadership, Service, Scholarship