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Statement on Unrecognized Organizations and Affiliation

Students who pledge, accept membership, or affiliate in any way with a former organization whose recognition has lapsed, been withdrawn, or suspended are in violation of Gustavus policy and are subject to referral to the Student Conduct system. This may result in individual disciplinary action up to and including suspension or expulsion. Students who assist in perpetuating these organizations are subject to the same disciplinary action. For the purposes of this policy, “affiliation” and “perpetuation” apply to representing oneself as a member of one of these organizations through the wearing of members-only apparel, exhibiting letters or other symbols unique to the organization, and/or coordinating or attending functions of the unrecognized organization. Students MAY NOT join these organizations. 

Repeated violations of Gustavus Adolphus College policies may result in a group losing recognition either temporarily or permanently from the College because they have damaged the reputation of the community, violated students’ rights, and/or endangered their welfare. In the case of fraternities/sororities, the governing council or Inter/National Office may also suspend recognition. Students may not join or be active in these organizations.