Student Orgs

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 Gustavus Accounting Club Gustavus Accounting ClubAcademic / Honorary
A Moment of MagicA Moment of MagicService
Alpha Sigma TauAlpha Sigma TauSocial Greek
American Cancer Society at Gustavus American Cancer Society at Gustavus Service
ARC (Adoptee, Recognition, Community)ARC (Adoptee, Recognition, Community)Awareness
Asian Student UnionAsian Student UnionLanguage / Cultural
Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta)Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (Tri-Beta)Academic / Honorary
Big Hill FarmBig Hill FarmAwareness
Big Partner Little PartnerBig Partner Little PartnerService
Building BridgesBuilding BridgesAwareness
Campus Activities BoardCampus Activities BoardAcademic / Honorary
Chemistry ClubChemistry ClubAcademic / Honorary
Chinese Culture ClubChinese Culture ClubLanguage / Cultural
CrossroadsCrossroadsLanguage / Cultural
Dance Collective of Gustavus Dance Collective of Gustavus Special Interest
Dance Collective of GustavusDance Collective of GustavusSpecial Interest
Delight Ministries Delight Ministries Religious
Delta Phi OmegaDelta Phi OmegaSocial Greek
Delta Phi OmegaDelta Phi OmegaSocial Greek
Democract Matters - Gustavus ChapterDemocract Matters - Gustavus ChapterAcademic / Honorary
Diversity Leadership Council Diversity Leadership Council Governing Bodies
Dungeons and Dragons at Gustavus AdolphusDungeons and Dragons at Gustavus AdolphusSpecial Interest
E. Terry Skone Investment ClubE. Terry Skone Investment ClubAcademic / Honorary
Eastern European ClubEastern European ClubLanguage / Cultural
Epsilon Pi Alpha FraternityEpsilon Pi Alpha FraternitySocial Greek
Fellowship of Christian AthletesFellowship of Christian AthletesReligious
French ClubFrench ClubLanguage / Cultural
Future Music Educators Association (FMEA)Future Music Educators Association (FMEA)Academic / Honorary
GAC Disc Golf ClubGAC Disc Golf ClubSports and Recreation
German ClubGerman ClubLanguage / Cultural
GSharp A CappellaGSharp A CappellaSpecial Interest
Gustavus Adolphus College Equestrian TeamGustavus Adolphus College Equestrian TeamSports and Recreation
Gustavus Adolphus College Model United NationsGustavus Adolphus College Model United NationsAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Adolphus Ducks UnlimitedGustavus Adolphus Ducks UnlimitedService
Gustavus Adolphus Equestrian TeamGustavus Adolphus Equestrian TeamSports and Recreation
Gustavus Adolphus Figure Skating ClubGustavus Adolphus Figure Skating ClubSports and Recreation
Gustavus Adolphus Men's D2 Club HockeyGustavus Adolphus Men's D2 Club HockeySports and Recreation
Gustavus Adolphus PageTurners Book ClubGustavus Adolphus PageTurners Book ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus AmbassadorsGustavus AmbassadorsAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Anime and Manga SocietyGustavus Anime and Manga SocietySpecial Interest
Gustavus Athletic Training Association (GATA)Gustavus Athletic Training Association (GATA)Academic / Honorary
Gustavus Barbell ClubGustavus Barbell ClubSports and Recreation
Gustavus Cheerleading TeamGustavus Cheerleading TeamSports and Recreation
Gustavus Chemistry ClubGustavus Chemistry ClubAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Chess ClubGustavus Chess ClubSports and Recreation
Gustavus Club TennisGustavus Club TennisSports and Recreation
Gustavus Dance TeamGustavus Dance TeamSports and Recreation
Gustavus Finance ClubGustavus Finance ClubAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Fly Fishing ClubGustavus Fly Fishing ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Game ClubGustavus Game ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Geology ClubGustavus Geology ClubAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Jazz ClubGustavus Jazz ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Pre-Dental ClubGustavus Pre-Dental ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational TherapyGustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational TherapyAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Queers and AlliesGustavus Queers and AlliesAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Running ClubGustavus Running ClubSports and Recreation
Gustavus Sauna SocietyGustavus Sauna SocietySports and Recreation
Gustavus Speech and Debate TeamGustavus Speech and Debate TeamAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Statistics ClubGustavus Statistics ClubAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Student SenateGustavus Student SenateGoverning Bodies
Gustavus Students for LifeGustavus Students for LifeAwareness
Gustavus Swing ClubGustavus Swing ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Whittling ClubGustavus Whittling ClubSpecial Interest
Gustavus Women in LeadershipGustavus Women in LeadershipAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus Women's A CappellaGustavus Women's A CappellaAwareness
Gustavus Women's RugbyGustavus Women's RugbySports and Recreation
Gustavus YearbookGustavus YearbookAcademic / Honorary
Gustavus.ggGustavus.ggSpecial Interest
Habitat for HumanityHabitat for HumanityService
Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO)Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO)Language / Cultural
HOSA - Future Health ProfessionalsHOSA - Future Health ProfessionalsAcademic / Honorary
IGNITE at Gustavus IGNITE at Gustavus Special Interest
Inter-Greek CouncilInter-Greek CouncilGoverning Bodies
Kappa Sigma Chi FraternityKappa Sigma Chi FraternitySocial Greek
KGSM RadioKGSM RadioSpecial Interest
Korean Culture ClubKorean Culture ClubLanguage / Cultural
Launch Juggling ClubLaunch Juggling ClubSpecial Interest
LegacyLegacySpecial Interest
LineUs Improv Comedy TroupeLineUs Improv Comedy TroupeSpecial Interest
MCS ClubMCS ClubAcademic / Honorary
Men's Nordic Ski ClubMen's Nordic Ski ClubSports and Recreation
Music & MovementMusic & MovementSpecial Interest
Muslim Students Association (MSA)Muslim Students Association (MSA)Religious
Newman CenterNewman CenterReligious
Organization for Latinx American Students (OLAS) Organization for Latinx American Students (OLAS) Language / Cultural
Pan African Student Organization Pan African Student Organization Language / Cultural
Pediatric Cancer Outreach CrewPediatric Cancer Outreach CrewService
Peer AssistantsPeer AssistantsAwareness
Pharaohs of the FuturePharaohs of the FutureAcademic / Honorary
Pokemon GO ClubPokemon GO ClubSpecial Interest
Pre-Health ClubPre-Health ClubSpecial Interest
Pre-Vet ClubPre-Vet ClubAcademic / Honorary
Psychology Social Justice LeaguePsychology Social Justice LeagueAcademic / Honorary
Qodesh Family FellowshipQodesh Family FellowshipReligious
Queers & AlliesQueers & AlliesAwareness
RiseRiseLanguage / Cultural
Russian ClubRussian ClubLanguage / Cultural
Settlers of Catan ClubSettlers of Catan ClubSpecial Interest
SEW-SEW Embroidery ClubSEW-SEW Embroidery ClubSpecial Interest
Sigma Alpha EpsilonSigma Alpha EpsilonSocial Greek
Sigma Sigma SigmaSigma Sigma SigmaSocial Greek
Society of Physics StudentsSociety of Physics StudentsAcademic / Honorary
Student Athlete Volunteer Educators (SAVE)Student Athlete Volunteer Educators (SAVE)Sports and Recreation
Student Educator's Association (SEA)Student Educator's Association (SEA)Academic / Honorary
Students for Reproductive FreedomStudents for Reproductive FreedomSpecial Interest
Study BuddiesStudy BuddiesService
Tau Psi Omega (REDS)Tau Psi Omega (REDS)Social Greek
The Association for Underrepresented Awareness (AUA)The Association for Underrepresented Awareness (AUA)Awareness
The Dead Poets SocietyThe Dead Poets SocietySpecial Interest
The Environmental Action CoalitionThe Environmental Action CoalitionSpecial Interest
The Fourth CrownThe Fourth CrownSpecial Interest
The Gustavian WeeklyThe Gustavian WeeklyMedia
The Hill CrewThe Hill CrewSports and Recreation
The RadicalsThe RadicalsAwareness
Theta Xi GammaTheta Xi GammaSocial Greek
ThriftyGoldThriftyGoldSpecial Interest
Ultimate Frisbee ClubUltimate Frisbee ClubSports and Recreation
United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Gustavus Student ChapterUnited States Institute for Theatre Technology, Gustavus Student ChapterSpecial Interest
Vietnamese Student AssociationVietnamese Student AssociationLanguage / Cultural
Viking SocietyViking SocietyLanguage / Cultural
Women in STEMWomen in STEMAcademic / Honorary
Women's Action CoalitionWomen's Action CoalitionAwareness
Women's Nordic Ski TeamWomen's Nordic Ski TeamSports and Recreation
Womxn in PhysicsWomxn in PhysicsAcademic / Honorary