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The mission of St. Francis Pound Pals is to further the cause of animal welfare by serving the local shelter, by raising community awareness of animal issues, and by taking personal responsibility for the wellbeing of animals in our lives.
The Consitution of the Gustavus Pound Pals Organization ARTICLE I: Pound Pals ARTICLE II: The purpose of the community service organization called Pound Pals is to further the cause of animal welfare by serving the local shelter, by raising community awareness of animal issues, and by taking personal responsibility for the well-being of animals in our lives. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is open to all Gustavus students who are willing to serve the St. Peter community by volunteering their time at the pound and taking care of the animals, as well as, fundraising for the benefit of the animals. Section 2: The following categories of membership exist in the Pound Pals organization: Coordinators (those who are in charge of leading meetings and organizing fundraisers, as well as, strengthening the program for future students) Volunteers (those who willingly choose to spend time caring for the animals at the pound, as well as, participating in fundraisers and other events) All categories of membership receive equal treatment except that coordinators have access to resources in the Center for Servant-Leadership used for furthering the Pound Pal mission. Section 3: Members are accepted into the community service program at the beginning of the fall semester. Members need not reapply in the spring, but people can apply in the spring if they were not accepted and/or around in the fall ARTICLE IV: Coordinators Section 1: Three program coordinators serve and volunteer their time to run the program. Each coordinator has the same level of authority and leadership in the program. All decisions are made as a team and all program operations are divided evenly amongst the coordinators. Section 2: The duties of every coordinator are described as follows: A. Attend and engage in weekly meetings with co-coordinators and advisors of the ongoing service programs B. Engage in and attend mandatory coordinator training in the spring and fall C. Facilitate volunteer training and orientation D. Plan and execute necessary events and programming E. Maintain records and budgets within the program F. Engage with community partners to maintain and foster positive, mutual relationships G. Participate in the ongoing development and implementation of the strategic plan for the program H. Work towards achieving the benchmarks of service outlined by the CSL I. Provide opportunities for volunteers and participants to achieve learning outcomes identified by the CSL J. In conjunction with the community partner, assess and evaluate the accomplishments and opportunities for change of coordinators, volunteers, and the program as a whole K. Supervise volunteers and participants in a way that ensures a safe, healthy, positive, and consistent environment L. Maintain social responsibility by managing and leading as a positive representation of the St. Peter community, Gustavus Adolphus College, and the Center for Servant-Leadership M. Work in partnership with coordinators, community partners, volunteers, and participants to maintain the program, but also aid in its progression and evolution N. Communicate appropriately, consistently, and effectively with community partners, volunteers, and participants Section 3: Coordinators are chosen for the position of program coordinator at the beginning of a the Spring semester if 1 or more of the current coordinators are graduating at the end of the semester. They must submit a written application to show their commitment to the organization and explain what they hope to accomplish if they became a coordinator. Interviews for the available position(s) will be conducted by the current program coordinator and if need be the program advisor as well. Section 4: The position of coordinator will begin after the commencement of the former coordinator(s). The spring semester will serve as a transition period between coordinators that are leaving and the one(s) that will be leading the program the following year. ARTICLE V: MEETINGS Section 1: Meetings will be held a minimum of once a month during the academic year. The program coordinators will choose the date and location of the meetings. Section 2: The meetings must serve a purpose for the organization and volunteers must be informed at least a week prior to the meeting time and location to be considered a valid meeting. Section 3: Volunteers that are unable to attend any meetings must communicate with one or all of the coordinators in the program to ensure that their absence is noted. Volunteers that fail to attend meetings and fail to communicate their absence with the coordinators are subject to dismissal from the program based on the opinion of the current coordinators. ARTICLE VI: No executive board currently exists for the Pound Pals organization ARTICLE VII: COMMITTEES Not Applicable ARTICLE VIII: FINANCES Section 1: Funds for the organization are given to us thru the Center for Servant-Leadership, which in turn receives these funds from the Gustavus Student Senate. Section 2: The use of the funds provided to the program are reserved for the use of fundraisers, printing, and food for the Pound Pal organization. Section 3: The funds cannot be used to purchase T-shirts for the organization. Section 4: Any use of the funds must be recorded and receipts or the like must be given to the Center for Servant-Leadership office for proof of purchase and if need be to reimburse the person that purchased the goods. Section 5: Any money that is received from fundraisers thru the Pound Pal organization is for the use of the St. Peter Pound and the animals that reside there. Section 6: Upon dissolution of Pound Pals, any financial assets will be credited to the Gustavus Student Senate. ARTICLE IX: BY-LAWS Not Applicable ARTICLE X: AMENDMENTS Section 1: All members of Pound Pals that are in good standing may propose amendments. The proposed amendments will be reviewed by the current coordinators and the advisor of the program. Section 3: If amendments are passed they take effect at the next meeting. Date of Ratification: October 8th, 2013 Developed by: MJ Sun '15, Olivia Del Viscio '15
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