Student Organization Travel Registration Form

Dean of Students

Please review the Travel Policy before completing this form.

*NEW REQUIREMENT after December 23, 2021: See Vaccine status requirement

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Organization Information

Trip Information

Is your advisor traveling with the group?

If you have traveled here before, please specify dates.

Primary Transportation Method Required REMINDER: All travel must be in college-owned vehicles, in rented vehicles, or through licensed commercial carriers (buses, airlines, etc.), UNLESS the travel 1) is less than 400 miles round trip, 2) is completed within a single day, AND 3) is accommodated by a maximum of five personal vehicles. Note: all three conditions must be satisfied in order to use personal vehicles. In the event a personal vehicle is used, the owner of that vehicle accepts responsibilities and liability for any and all activity during the trip.

Please provide the name of the airline used. Include the flight number(s) and times on your itinerary.

**Campus vehicle reservations are handled through the Telecommunications Office. Please contact them at 507-933-8000, or e-mail

**Drivers of Gustavus vehicles must be certified in advance. Please see the Campus Safety Vehicle Policy for more information.

For each vehicle please provide driver name, phone and total number of passengers (include driver in this count).


Please upload the Travel Template being sure to complete both the itinerary and roster sections.


Who will be going on the trip? Please list attendees in alphabetical order in the following format: Last name, First name, SID# or Guest (along with guest's emergency information).

*Please note that all trip attendees who are Gustavus students must have emergency contact information updated on their college profile before they will be approved to travel.


What is the trip itinerary? Please detail your plan of travel, including specific information about each day’s activities, lodging information, contact/host name(s) and number(s), etc. If your advisor is NOT traveling with the group, include points of intended contact throughout the course of the trip.

*If your plans or attendees change, you must use the link you will receive in your confirmation email to make those updates as soon as you are able but no later than the time you leave campus for the trip.

Upload Itinerary and Roster

  1. Download the Travel Template
  2. Read directions in each sheet before completing.
  3. Complete Sheet 1 Itinerary
  4. Complete Sheet 2 Roster
  5. Save as {organizationname}-{departuredate formatted as yyyy-mm-dd}.xlsx
    i.e. ultimatefrisbee-2018-10-31.xlsx
  6. Please make sure to save/print these forms for your records.
  7. If you need to upload new itinerary or roster information, please make sure to first delete the original document by clicking the red "x" button at the bottom of the form near the file name.

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