Student Orgs

Risk Management

As a College, our goal is to assist the students in implementing engaging events and activities with minimal risk and liability. The following documents and information are guidelines to assist student organizations in successfully managing inherent risk. It is the responsibility of student organizations and the appointed risk manager to establish a working relationship with the Risk Management Committee for Student Life and comply with risk management procedures.

Student organizations that are active by nature but not categorized as a Club Sports are required to complete the Student Organization Risk Management Plan that can be found on It is meant to assist both the organization and the College assess levels of risk and identify means of managing that risk to best protect the interest of both parties. Following completion of the form, a meeting will be scheduled between Gustavus’s Risk Management Committee for Student Life and the organizational leadership before recognition will be granted. Gustavus Reserves the right to deny recognition to groups or retract recognition from an existing group deemed too dangerous or risky by their nature and/or groups who do not manage their level of risk appropriately.

The College also requires all organizations that are hosting an event that has the potential to harm individuals or to damage the physical, financial, emotional reputation of the College to complete an Event Management Plan that can be found at Examples of events requiring an Event Management Plan are

1st Time Event and/or One Time Event

  • events such as dignitary visits that are identified as one time (political VIP’s, etc.)

Complex and/or Hazardous Activities

  • hazardous incidents such as requests for tasers, pepper spray, paintball, parachuting, staying overnight on campus, or practicing driving squad cars
  • helicopters landing on campus
  • events that are specific to physical structure of buildings
  • fireworks, candles, fire dances, indoor & outdoor pyrotechnics
  • waterslides, car smashes, snow sculptures, dog sledding, roller skating
  • any event that is physical in nature, requires specialized personnel, or additional event insurance
  • any race, benefit run, or test of physical endurance

Large & Mixed Crowds

  • concerts or other events that include several hundred attendees
  • attendees other than college students such as high school students to include:
    • basketball games
    • track meets
    • science fairs
    • post prom events
    • summer camps, etc.
  • attendees other than college students such as elementary student to include:
    • science fairs
    • summer camps
    • boy/girl scout events
    • athletic events, etc.

Inexperienced Organizers & Staff

  • includes departments that don’t typically hold events

Temporary Site & Services

  • includes events that are going to require special equipment or conversion of what the facility is normally used for:
    • concerts
    • electricity
    • tents
    • vehicles on the mall
    • parking lots for movies, events, etc.

Events that include the request to have alcohol present

All athletic endurance events such as 5K’s, Fun Run’s, organized walks – On and Off campus

Unanticipated Last Minute Decisions

  • can include events that the College is having trouble collecting adequate information for – i.e. request to use swimming pool and verification of lifeguards is not able to be made.

This list is not all encompassing. The Gustavus Adolphus College Risk Management Committee for Student Life reserves the right to request additional information for any events associated with the College.

Completion of the Event Management plan does not guarantee approval of any event.

Finally, all events that are physical in nature must require participants to sign Gustavus’s Waiver of Liability that can be found at