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Student Organizations may provide the opportunity for their members to purchase membership apparel as well as for other students and Gustavus community members to purchase apparel as a fundraiser. However, all “Gustie Gear”/apparel must follow the guidelines below and be approved by the Campus Activities Office prior to ordering.

Design Rules (as found in the Student Organization How-to Guide)

  • Gustavus owns the rights to the Gustavus Adolphus College name. You must follow the guidelines issued from the Marketing and Communication department when using ANY/ALL “G” symbols, the terms GAC, Gusties, or Gustavus Adolphus College.
  • The design must not violate copyright law. Anything with a trademark symbol requires permission to be used, and then may not be manipulated, distorted, or changed in any manner.
  • No alcohol or alluding to any alcohol or drugs is allowed.
  • Nothing that defames a person or group of people may be displayed.
  • All College policies, including the anti-discrimination policy, must be followed.
  • No slogans promoting violence, drugs, alcohol, or offensive material are permitted.

Marketing and Communication Guidelines

  • If using a Gustavus trademarked logo, the Campus Activities Office must proof the final design.
  • The athletics shield logo and the Circle G logo are not available for use under any circumstances.
  • The lion logo is available for all to use; however please pay particular attention to the scale/proportion of the logo.
Full Guidelines

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