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Gustavus Adolphus College encourages full-time faculty and staff to serve as organization advisors. The College recognizes service as an advisor to student groups as a critical contribution to the College community and involvement with College activities. In order to be a College-recognized student organization, each group must have a faculty or staff advisor.

  1. To serve as an advisor, you must be a full-time employee of Gustavus Adolphus College and not on sabbatical leave. If you plan to be absent for an extended period of time, it is your duty to assist your organization in finding a proxy.
  2. The advisor should be aware of the organization’s meetings and events and should try to attend as often as possible. If it is impossible to attend, the advisor should meet with the president to obtain a copy of the minutes of the meeting and follow-up. 
  3. The advisor should know who is on the executive board of the organization and meet with them on a regular basis to establish a meaningful working relationship.
  4. The advisor should be available as an overall resource for the organization.
  5. The advisor should have an updated list of all members and their contact information.
  6. The advisor should receive and review the organization’s financial reports monthly.
  7. The advisor should be knowledgeable of the organization’s purpose and constitution to help the members abide by it.
  8. The advisor should help the members develop self-responsibility and self-discipline, allowing the students to further develop their skillsets and learn from mistakes and experiences.
  9. The advisor should introduce new ideas and suggestions for programs.
  10. Should the advisor’s organization ever be under investigation, involved in the conduct process, or generally questioned about events or behaviors, the advisor agrees to be truthful, encourage the truthfulness and cooperation of the members, and abide by College policy.
  11. While the extent and nature of the advising role may vary, generally advisory duties include:
    • Consulting with student leaders on programs, activities and events
    • General oversight of the group’s budget and finances
    • Interpretation of College policies and procedures
    • Signature authority for College vehicle reservations and funds use

As a college employee, the advisor has a responsibility to both the College and the organization. The advisor is expected to use his or her knowledge to inform the group and to discourage illegal, damaging or embarrassing behavior that would damage college facilities and/or the physical, financial, emotional reputation of the college. Such behavior could subject both the advisor and the College to civil liability. The advisor is duty-bound to report any such activities to the Campus Activities Office. The presence and/or participation of a College advisor in no way relieves student organization members of their responsibility to abide by the law and expectations of the College, nor does the singular presence of the advisor constitute College approval of the event.

The College will defend and indemnify a College employee for claims arising from his/her alleged negligent act or omission while acting within the scope of employment. Intentionally harmful acts are not within the scope of employment and are not covered. “Acting within the scope of employment” refers to the actions or activities an employee might reasonably undertake as part of his/her job. The advising of Gustavus student organizations, although voluntary, lies within the scope of employment for College employees. 

Important Clery Act Information: Due to your role as an advisor of a recognized student organization, you are considered a "Campus Security Authority" for the College. As such, you will be required to complete online training that will be assigned to you in the coming days, after you sign this acknowledgement. Campus Security Authorities shall immediately report any crimes that you are made aware of to the Gustavus Campus Safety Department.

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