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E. Terry Skone Investment Club

Statement Of Purpose/ Mission
Mission, Statement of Purpose, Statement of Social Responsibility: The E. Terry Skone Investment Club is a student led organization with high standards of professionalism, discipline, research, and stewardship. We offer educational opportunities through exploring the dynamics, opportunities, and risks embodied in the stock market. Led by members with prior experience, the Club actively monitors the market, formulates educated decisions, and applies investing theories to the real world. The Club heavily values and emphasizes the educational aspect of investing, rather than simply profit generation. Under the high standards of an interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum, the Club serves as an integral student learning and values-based leadership opportunity at Gustavus Adolphus College. Club activities promote a mature understanding of the market that is underpinned by critical and disciplined thinking. Through commitment to education, philanthropy, and outreach, the Club engages the entire Gustavus community with investing expertise that advances financial literacy and wellbeing. As stewards of the portfolio's diversified assets, student leaders and members contribute to long-term positive impacts on future students by donating a portion of its gains each year for student scholarships, and by sharing investment knowledge with the Gustavus community. Before voting on whether the Club will purchase a position, Club members will consider the company from a triple bottom line perspective: examining the social, environmental, and economic impacts that the company has on the world. The goal is to consider the extent to which the position aligns with Gustavus' core values. A triple bottom line evaluation may be undertaken at any time about a position the Club currently holds; any member can bring forth discussion concerns about a company or holding for possible sale due to mismatches with Gustavus' values.
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Academic / Honorary

Terry Skone Investment Club Constitution 

Organizational Objectives: 

The objectives of  E. Terry Skone Investment Club are fourfold: 1) to educate members about investing in a broad array of securities, 2) to research potential positions and execute securities transactions, 3) to provide a forum for student engagement among members and the broader Gustavus community, and 4) to steward the Club’s assets for long-term portfolio health. 

Club Membership: 

Applications for membership are open to any student or staff member. The application process is designed only to ensure participation in Club activities; experience in investing or markets is not required. Attendance at meetings is encouraged for all interested parties, regardless of experience. Club members will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, veteran status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability or status due to the receipt of public assistance. Club members may be removed from the organization for i. Violation of the discrimination policy. ii. Violation of the alcohol/drug policy. iii. Violation of the student conduct policy. Members who have been removed for any of these violations shall be denied membership of at least one (1) full year, and shall be readmitted pending approval by 2/3 of the membership. All re-admittance votes shall be conducted by secret ballot. 

Election and Voting Procedure for the Organization 

All investing decisions will be guided by the Club’s Investment Guidelines. All investing decisions and elections held at regular meetings shall be made using a simple plurality of all members present. Proxy voting is available for members who cannot be in attendance. Elections of officers will take place at one of the regular meetings during the last month of the academic year. Officers are expected to share their background, qualifications, and plans if elected to each respective position. Newly elected officers shall begin their period of leadership immediately after the last meeting for the current semester. Club members seeking office should be nominated by fellow members in good standing. Officers shall be elected by secret ballot using online voting procedures. 

Officers of the Organization

The officers of the club must be active members and shall consist of the following: 

President: The duties of the President are to set meeting dates and locations, appoint committees, preside over meetings, inform the advisor of investment decisions and see that resolutions passed by the club are carried out. In the absence of the President, either Vice-President may carry out the duties of this position. In the absence of both the President and the Vice-Presidents, any other officer or member of the club as directed by the club advisor may perform the duties of the President. 

Vice-President: The duties of the Vice-President are to coordinate small groups, member partnerships, and workshops. The VP also coordinates the presentation of educational events related to the investment/business world at the regular meetings and at any outreach events. This may be done by appointment of committee by the Vice-President or by any other means seen fit by the VP. The VP also serves in a backup capacity to the President. 

Secretary: The duties of the Secretary are to keep a record of the actions authorized by the club, notify members of meetings, manage the physical and electronic documents used by the club, undertake such other duties and activities as deemed relevant to the office of secretary, and perform such other duties as may by assigned from time to time by the President or advisor. 

Risk Manager: The duties of the Risk Manager are to review Club activities for adherence to the investment guidelines, monitor spending and budget management, and to assist in outreach and membership recruitment activities, to assist in other activities as requested by the other officers and advisor. 

Treasurer: The duties of the Treasurer are to plan for and executive budgeted resources on behalf of the Club’s members and activities, create and submit the annual budget to the Student Senate for approval, work with the Risk Manager to assist in monitoring spending and budget management, and to assist in other activities as requested by the other officers and advisor. 

Project Manager: The duties of the Project Manager are to take on special assignments that may arise that allow mission-central opportunities for members but are otherwise outside the responsibility of other officers. The Project Manager takes responsibility for planning and implementing opportunities consistent with the mission of the Club, including serving as liaison with the Gustavus Finance Club to leverage events among both Clubs’ members.


Any or all of the above by-laws may be amended through a 2/3 vote of club members. The vote may be either a show of hands or secret ballot. Amendment proposals must be typed and distributed to club members one meeting prior to the vote on the amendment. This constitution shall go into effect immediately, once ratified by the 2/3 of the club membership. Revised 4/23/2021 to add the Project Manager officer position. Membership vote ratified 4/20/2021.

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Astrid Axtman

Risk Manager


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Vice President


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