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Queers & Allies is a student-led organization concerned with fostering a supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and allied students on campus. All members of the Gustavus Community are welcome including Students, Staff, and Alumni, in order to produce a strong and persisting coalition of individuals that support each other and the LGBTQ+ and Gustavus Communities at large.
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Queers and Allies Constitution

  • Article I. Organizational Mission
    • Section 1. The name of this organization is Queers and Allies.
    • Section 2. This organization shall be student led. The advisor of this organization will be Gustavus Adolphus College faculty.
    • Section 3. The purpose of this organization shall be to create and promote open dialogue, awareness and acceptance of the diversity of sex, gender, and sexual orientation; to provide a network of support and understanding for the queer community at Gustavus; increase awareness of queer issues; to sponsor both educational and social events at Gustavus and in the broader community.
  • Article II. Membership
    • Section 1. Membership in Queers and Allies is open to any Gustavus student, faculty, or staff member supportive of the queer community and/or committed to the mission of the organization, regardless of sexual orientation or political beliefs. Members will not be required to state their sexual orientation. No application is required. Membership is demonstrated through attendance at meetings, events, or participation in online group networks. 
    • Section 2. Membership in Queers and Allies may be revoked for violating the morals, values, and mission of Queers and Allies. Violations will be met with a “Three Strike” system - resetting per year - except in instances of grave misconduct in which case the Violator will have their membership revoked immediately. The “Three Strike” system is as such:
      • Strike 1: The initial violation will be met with a verbal warning as well as a note made with the Secretary who will log it on the Member’s file in the Office.
      • Strike 2. The second violation will be met with a sit down meeting with at least one Co-President, the Vice President, and Secretary to attempt a mediation with the Member. The meeting will be recorded by the Secretary and noted in the Member’s file.
      • Strike 3. The final violation will be met with ejection from the organization. A note will be made in the Member’s file by the Secretary. The member may rejoin the following year if voted in favor with a two thirds (⅔) majority vote by the Executive Board of that following year. Individuals removed from Queers and Allies will have a note made with the Campus Activities Office with copies of their files and violations.
        • Note A: If a Violator has been removed from Queers and Allies, they may petition to rejoin the Organization by meeting with the Executive Board. A two thirds (⅔) majority vote by the Executive Board will be necessary to readmit the Violator. If a Violator has been removed from Queers and Allies and does not receive a majority vote to rejoin, they are henceforth banned from the Queers and Allies Organization for the rest of the academic year until the start of the next academic year.
        • Note B: If a Violator petitions to rejoin and does not receive majority vote on either occasion - during the academic year as the ejection from the Organization and at the beginning of the following academic year - the Violator will be considered Black Listed from the Organization and a note will be made in their file and with the Campus Activities Office.
      • Section 3. In the event of grave misconduct such as a major breach of Queers and Allies values, a major breach of the Gustavus Code of Conduct, sex crimes, hate crimes, and other breaches of Local, State, and Federal Law, Queers and Allies has the duty to revoke membership from said Violator and report them to the due authorities. Violators of this calibre are not allowed reentry to the organization, their file will be updated, and the Campus Activities Office will be notified of the Violator’s offenses and subsequent ban from Queers and Allies.
  • Article III. Leadership
    • Section 1. Queers and Allies shall be led by a student executive board. The Executive Board of Queers and Allies shall be composed of two (2) Co-Presidents, one (1) Vice President, one (1) Treasurer, one (1) Diversity Leadership Council Representative, one (1) Secretary, one (1) Historian, one (1) Public Relations Officer.
    • Section 2. The duties and powers of the Executive Board positions shall be as follows:
      • Subsection A: All Executive Board Members.
        • Are members of Queers and Allies.
        • Attend annual Student Organization and Diversity Leadership training.
        • Attend weekly organization meetings.
        • Attend weekly Executive Board meetings.
        • Assist in the coordination and facilitation of organization sponsored events.
        • Attend to the changing needs and desires of the organization and its members.
        • Be available to all group and community members as a leader, resource and supporter regarding sex, gender, and sexual orientation.
        • Cooperate and collaborate with other Executive Board members.
        • Train in successors.
        • At least two (2) members must attain Safe Zone training if able to be provided by the College or the next best in training from the next best available source if not sourceable through the College.
        • May form ad-hoc committees at their discretion based on the needs and opportunities of Queers and Allies. These committees may follow any format and leadership consistent with the mission of the organization and adhere to Diversity Leadership Council and Gustavus Adolphus College policy.
      • Subsection B: Co-Presidents.
        • Create an agenda weekly for Queers & Allies meetings and for Executive Board meetings.
        • Lead meetings.
        • Organize leadership for all organization sponsored events.
        • Ensure organization sponsored events are prepared and run appropriately.
        • Network to maintain a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with various organizations and leaders on campus (WAC, M-Pact, CAB, Democrats, etc.)
        • Manage correspondence and facilitate a positive relationship with organization advisor, GWS department and Student Activities Office.
      • Subsection C: Vice President.
        • Act as Risk Manager for the organization
        • Decide ties between the Co-Presidents
      • Subsection D: Treasurer.
        • Hold, update, and maintain the budget binder and its records.
        • Hold and submit receipts as necessary.
        • Coordinate with appropriate parties; manage forms, requests, and signatures to access funds from Student senate and the organization 9-line.
        • Coordinate contract signing for Queers and Allies sponsored guest presenters.
        • Attend mid-year budget requests with Student Senate as necessary.
        • Collaborate with successor to prepare the budget for the following year; attend Student Senate’s Budget Hearing Committee meetings.
        • Communicate questions or concerns with one (1) or both (2) Co-Presidents, or new information that pertains to the organization’s financial situation.
      • Subsection E: Diversity Leadership Representative.
        • Represent Queers and Allies to Student Senate, Diversity Leadership Council, and other organizations on campus.
        • Attend weekly Diversity Leadership Council meetings to manage block budget in the interest of promoting and preserving diversity on campus.
        • Submit and present mid-year budget and reallocation requests to Diversity Leadership Council.
        • Plan and facilitate collaborative diversity events throughout the year; act as necessary in the interests of diversity as a representative and liaison of the organization.
        • Convey information from Diversity Leadership Council and all other diversity organizations about campus events and opportunities to the members of Queers and Allies.
        • Communicate questions and concerns to one (1) or both (2) Co-Presidents.
      • Subsection F: Secretary.
        • Record meeting minutes.
        • Send out weekly emails and notifications to organization members.
        • Serve as communication liaison, when necessary and/or convenient, between members and leadership.
        • Keep a file of current members. Here the Secretary is to log Executive Board positions held, notable achievements / contributions, disciplinary actions, and other information deemed important.
          • Note: Files shall be kept on the basis of campus email, to prevent abuse of a name based filing system. If an Individual’s name changes, it shall be updated in their file. A name change does not free an Individual from their file history.
        • Communicate questions or concerns with one (1) or both (2) Co-Presidents.
      • Subsection G: Historian.
        • Maintain a log and history of past Members and their files. Files are to be kept digitally via the Organization email as well as in hard copy. After four (4) years, the files of past Members may be brought to the Gustavus Archives for keeping.
      • Subsection H: Public Relations Officer.
        • Communicate through social media to update alumni and members on organization and community relevant events and projects.
        • Write bi-weekly blogs to be submitted to Diversity Leadership Council to inform the Gustavus community about Queers & Allies activities.
        • Produce posters for upcoming events, keeping with Gustavus Code
        • Coordinate with the Vice President to ensure social media is in compliance with the Gustavus Code of Conduct
    • Section 3. Distribution of Roles and Powers
      • Subsection A: The duties and powers thus described shall be relegated to their respective role up until the point where the Executive Board Member may take on an appointee assistant to assist with any duties unable to be performed by the Executive Board member.
      • Subsection B: The appointments of Diversity Leadership Council Representative, Historian, and Public Relations Officer may be held in conjunction with another appointment up to a maximum of two (2) appointments held at one time. If the Executive Board member cannot sustain both positions at the same time, one must be given up, prompting a Vacancy Appointment and vote.
    • Section 4. Candidates for Executive Board positions must be nominated a week prior to elections being held. All members present on the day of elections are eligible to vote. Those members not present may request that the current executive board serve as a collective proxy if they desire. In such a situation, said member must submit their vote for each position on individual pieces of paper in a sealed and signed envelope to any member of the existing Executive Board, to be validated unanimously by the entire existing Executive Board and presented at the time of elections, or alternatively in an e-mail with their vote for each position clearly stated and sent to all members of the existing Executive Board. Voting will use an Executive Board sanctioned ballot. Candidates will be elected into office if they receive a majority vote.
      • Subsection A: A candidate can be nominated for any available position. Members can each make one nomination per open position. Candidates may be nominated for more than one position. At the time of nominations, a candidate must be a member in good-standing of Queers and Allies.
      • Subsection B: In the event of a tie for majority vote, there will be a secondary election between the top tied candidates.
    • Section 5: In the event of a vacancy within the Executive Board, the Co-Presidents shall nominate a candidate for the position and Queers and Allies shall approve the appointment with a majority vote.
    • Section 6. Term for a member of the Executive Board shall be one academic year.
    • Section 7. The Executive Board shall meet once a week.
    • Section 8. Leadership may be found outside of designated leadership positions, and all members are encouraged to fully participate in all capacities.
    • Section 9. Removal of an Executive Board member from the Board for failure to meet requirements of their position requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote from Executive Board members.
    • Section 10. Candidacy shall be announced by at least the last week of March and Voting shall take place on or after the first week of April.
    • Section 11. Candidates shall undergo training under their predecessors for the remainder of the academic year after the normal vote, taking power at the end of that academic year in preparation for the next academic year.
      • Subsection A: Candidates installed after a Vacancy Vote shall take their place immediately.
  • Article IV. Queers and Allies Meetings & Events
    • Section 1. Queers and Allies shall meet once a week during each semester. Meetings shall be open to any Gustavus community members.
    • Section 2. Meetings shall follow an agenda.
    • Section 3. Queers and Allies will hold recreational/educational events once a week during J-term, following any format determined by the Executive Board and approved by organization members.
    • Section 4. Events and activities shall depend on the opportunity and needs of the organization. Any members may propose events. Events sponsored by Queers and Allies must be approved by majority vote of members and have a minimum of one member serve as leadership for said event.
    • Section 5. Events must be properly documented.
    • Section 6. Posters for events shall be printed and distributed at least one (1) week before the date of the event except in short-notice circumstances.
  • Article VI. Amendments
    • Section 1. Any members may propose amendments. The proposed amendment will be submitted to the Executive Board for review one week before voting will take place.
    • Section 2. All present members are eligible to vote on an amendment. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is needed to allow the amendment to pass.
    • Section 3. If an amendment is passed it will take effect as soon as Queers and Allies is prepared to adopt its provisions. Amendments must take effect before the start of the next academic year.
    • Section 4. Amendments to the Constitution must be consistent with existing Gustavus Adolphus College, Student Organization, Student Senate, and Diversity Leadership Council standards and laws.
    • Section 5. The existing Constitution may be removed and replaced with a new Constitution if this is deemed necessary to reflect significant changes in the organization. To replace this constitution, the new constitution must be proposed and presented in its entirety to the group at least two weeks in advance to a vote. This Constitution must be approved by a three-fourths vote from current members.
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Vice PresidentVice PresidentAlissa
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