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Gustavus Club Tennis
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To bring tennis to a greater population at Gustavus Adolphus College. We will compete with schools outside of Gustavus, showing them Gustavus spirit, integrity and honor. We strive to improve members tennis abilities and build a team environment that everyone is connected to.
Article I: Name and Mission Statement Section I: The organization shall be called Gustavus Club Tennis Section II: The mission of the association is: To bring tennis to a greater population at Gustavus Adolphus College. We will compete with schools outside of Gustavus. We strive to improve member’s tennis abilities and build a team environment that everyone is connected to. Article II: Membership Section I: Any member of the Gustavus Adolphus College community may join Club Tennis. It is recommended that members have tennis ability above 3.0 on the NRTP Rating scale, but is not required. Team competition is co-ed so both males and females are encouraged to join. Article III: Leadership and Cabinet Section I: The leader of Gustavus Club Tennis shall be titled the President of the Club (Synonymous with ‘Leader’ or ‘Captain’ on other Clubs). The President is responsible for all things related to the Club. Section II: Cabinet The positions available are 2 Co-Presidents, as well as secretaries (Transportation, Equipment, Treasury, Player Personnel, Communication) Section III: Purpose The officers will organize all fundraisers and events, manage funds and keep in close contact with our advisor. Section IV: Candidacy All officers need to be enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. The requirements for Presidency, and other leadership, are as follows: Co-Presidents: Must have been in Club no less than one school year. Must have no less than two school years remaining. Position shall be selected by out-going Co-Presidents, following conferment with Cabinet. President shall serve position until graduation or resignation. Transportation Secretary: Must have been in Club no less than one school year. Equipment Secretary: Must have been in Club no less than one school year Treasury Secretary: Must have been in Club no less than one school year Elections shall be held following the Section Tournament in the spring. A simple majority is needed for election to a position. No campaigning shall be done, other than informing the Cabinet and members of the decision to run. Communications Director: Must have been in Club no less than one school year Director of Player Personnel: Must have been in Club no less than one school year Article IV: Meetings Section I: Practices will be held as decided by the team at the beginning of each year. Co-captains will strive to organize at least 3 weekly practices whenever possible during the Club Tennis season. Article V: Finances Section I: Funds are allocated by the Gustavus Student Senate, received through off-campus grants, departmental allocations, and through donations. Article V: Amendments and Suspension Section I: At anytime any member may propose an amendment to the constitution. A requirement of a 4/5 vote of the current members and 4/5 of the Cabinet is required for the amendment to be instilled. Section II: In the event of extreme circumstances or circumstances not addressed hereby in the constitution, the Presidency may temporarily declare a Document Suspension. Notification to all Club members must be made immediately and promptly. A timetable for reinstatement of the Document must be sent to all members electronically. Necessary amendments and changes for the safety, security and stability of the Club may be made in this time. Article VI: Player Personal Conduct Section I: All players, shall, at all times, represent Gustavus appropriately and with honor, and in accordance with local and state laws, as well as Gustavus Adolphus College policies. Section II: Any action deemed to be extremely detrimental to the image of Gustavus Club Tennis may result in an indefinite suspension by the President, pending further review of the situation. These will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, which will generate consistency as to what is poor judgement, and what is extremely detrimental conduct. This may include, as is not limited to, College citations and violations, criminal conduct, social media commentary and other behaviour seen as unacceptable by members. Any member who feels they have seen another member egregiously violate this code may anonymously report it, with no repercussion. While consumption of substances is limited to appropriately aged adults, and usage itself is not a violation of the PPC Code, it will lead to numerous poor decisions, and is an enormous risk to take. Section III: Any suspension requires communication to fellow Cabinet members, and the player involved. A protest may be filed, and brought up amongst the Cabinet for discussion, but final decision rests with the Presidency. Article VII: The President shall have to power to make all Rules and Amendments which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers and mission of the Club, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution of Gustavus Club Tennis, or in any Department or Officer thereof. The powers not delegated to the Cabinet, nor prohibited by it to the Constitution, are reserved to the Presidency, and the rights of members shall not be denied rights granted per this Constitution. The president must communicate to the entire Cabinet any decision made under Article VII. Article VIII: Communication The President shall communicate decisions he has made to no less than two members of the cabinet regarding any enumerated powers, amendments to Constitutional Documents, and any and all relevant decisions, including line-ups, travel plans, necessary finance announcements or membership information. By-laws: 1) The Treasury Secretary shall do as follows: • Submit Request for Payment (hereby referred to as RFP) to Senate, and drop off RFP to Senate no later than the Friday prior to a tournament. David Lachman or Jared Phillips must approve RFP before turning into Senate Office folder. • Monitor funds for the Club (provided by Senate and from the 9-line). (Club 9-line is 90-00000000-27786). • Locate a hotel for tournaments, and pay for the stay. Deb, in the Dean of Students Office, is the go-to person (See Contact Info). She has the Senate Credit Card, and can assist in payments. Must have approval by Senate to use the Credit Card, preferably by e-mail. • Submit budget request. Attend a budget meeting in the Spring, and detail a budget for the following year. Include Equipment, travel, lodging, events and anything else needed. $4,000 is the maximum allowed, with a minimal printing budget attached. • Communicate with other Cabinet members on overlapping agendas (transportation, equipment etc.) 2) The Equipment Secretary shall do as follows: • Research pricing for equipment (racquets, string, dampeners, uniforms) • Reserve Court Time at STC • Distribute Uniforms 3) The Transportation Secretary shall do as follows: • Be licensed to drive GAC vans and cars. Online course is through Campus Safety. • Two weeks (or more) before a tournament, contact the motor pool and switchboard people to book the vans. (this is easiest to do all at once with a multiple reservation sheet.) • Fill out travel plan AT LEAST 10 days before trip. (Can be found on GAC page), and signed by one of the advisors. Roster, destination and plans must be in this. • Make sure all members have filled out waivers and emergency contacts. • Communicate with other cabinet members on overlapping agendas. 4) The Player Personnel Director shall do as follows: • Observe team and individual players • Draft potential line-ups with President to approve and go through. • Develop drills and games for practices with President • Communicate with Communications director on various issues including recruitment on campus 5) The Communications Director shall do as follows: • Communicate with team on e-mail, Facebook, text and in-person • Work with social media to increase participation in meets and practices • Maintain Spreadsheets with contact info, schedules and calendars • Communicate with PPD on various issues including recruitment on campus. 6) The President shall do as follows: • Meet with Cabinet no less than once a month • Run Gustavus Invite • Attend the Summer TOC leaders retreat • Represent Gustavus Club Tennis appropriately, and stand by the mission of the Club • Communicate to Cabinet and team.
USTA (United States Tennis Association), TOC (Tennis On Campus)
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