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Gustavus Women's A Cappella

Statement Of Purpose/ Mission
Gustavus Women's A Cappella is an inclusive musical ensemble that exists to promote gender equality and females' work in music.
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ARTICLE 1: TITLE Section 1: The name of this organization is ‘Gustavus Women’s A Capella or GWAC (Gee-Whack).

ARTICLE II: MISSION Section 1: Gustavus Women’s A Capella is an inclusive musical ensemble that exists to promote gender equality and females’ work in music.

ARTICLE III: LEADERSHIP Section 1: All leadership and decision-making will be exclusive to group members with guidance from our faculty advisor. Section 2: All decisions regarding performances, music choices, and auditions will be democratically discussed and voted on by group members. Section 3: Majority will rule in those decisions. Section 4: The organization will hold the following leadership positions: Co-Presidents, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Hype Manager. Section 5: Co-Presidents will be responsible for organizing and leading group meetings and coordinating communication within and outside of the group. Section 6: The Vice President will be responsible for taking over the duties of the Co-Presidents, if they cannot perform them. Section 7: The Secretary will be responsible for organizing performance dates and ensuring all members are present for rehearsals and performances, unless otherwise noted. Section 8: The Treasurer is fiscally responsible for the ensemble. This means keeping track of our budget and leading fundraising benefits. Section 9: The Hype Manager will be responsible for publicity, apparel, and upholding the intrinsic and extrinsic awesomeness of GWAC.

ARTICLE IV: REHEARSALS AND ATTENDANCE Section 1: Rehearsal schedules will be determined at the beginning of each semester, evaluating what is the best of members of the group. Section 2: Four excused absences from rehearsals will be allowed each semester. Section 3: If a member misses more than the amount of excused absences, this member’s commitment to the group will be reevaluated.

ARTICLE V: AUDITIONS Section 1: Auditions for new members will be held whenever a new member is deemed necessary by the ensemble. Section 2: Auditions dates, if needed, should happen at the beginning of each semester. Section 3: The following criteria will be used in the audition process for new members: music reading abilities, hearing, pitch, improvisation, tone, and personality. Section 4: If accepted to the ensemble, members are expected to abide by the guidelines outlined in this constitution.

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RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
AdvisorGustavus Women's A CapellaPatricia
PresidentGustavus Women's A CapellaEmma
PresidentGustavus Women's A CapellaSamantha
Vice PresidentWomen's A CapellaMycah
TreasurerWomen's A CapellaSophia
SecretaryWomen's A CapellaRachel
Risk ManagerWomen's A CapellaMarissa
MemberWomen's A CapellaMary
MemberWomen's A CapellaJocelyn
MemberWomen's A CapellaAmy
MemberWomen's A CapellaJulia
MemberWomen's A CapellaJayna