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Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity
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A brotherhood of gentlemen dedicated to service, scholarship, and growth who pride themselves in respect for others, and are accountable to the men of the fraternity and the wider community.
Believing that where there is law there is liberty, we the members of the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity do establish these bylaws for the government of our fraternity, and solemnly promise to obey them. It must be understood that the Constitution and the Statutes of the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity shall be supreme as approved by the College. Article I: Name The name of this Fraternal organization will be Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity, otherwise known as the Eppies. Article II: Mission Statement A brotherhood of gentlemen dedicated to service, scholarship, and growth who pride themselves in respect for others, and are accountable to the men of the fraternity and the wider community. Article III: Membership Section 1: Selection A. No persons shall be pledged to membership in the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity unless accepted by no less the two-thirds majority vote of the members of the fraternity present and voting at a regular or special meeting. Selections are made at the meeting and turned in, in accordance with the Inter-Greek Senate’s time frame. B. No pledgeship can be broken except by the pledges own request or a vote of no less than two-thirds majority of the members of the fraternity, present and voting at a regular or special meeting. Section 2: Discrimination A. The Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity shall not be discriminatory in terms of ethnicity, religion, national origin, financial/social status, or orientation. Section 3: Eligibility A. The eligibility for membership into the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity shall follow the regulations set by the Inter-Greek Senate and Gustavus Adolphus College. Pledges must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 to be considered for membership into the Fraternity. Section 4: Initiation A. Newly elected members will be named pledges until they have completed the initiation set by the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity. B. Initiation consists of games and group activities that work toward brotherhood and friendship will all Fraternity members, pledges, and other Greek organizations. Article IV: Pledging Section 1: Definition A. Pledging is a period where pledges become members of the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity. Pledging consists of games, internalization of the fraternity’s history, internalization of songs and chants, internalization of fraternity members and pledges names and background, physical workouts (if capable), cooperative labor, and community service. Section 2: Stipulations A. The length of time that pledging shall be held is determined by the Inter-Greek Senate in cooperation with the Dean of Students. Article V: Grievance Policy Any pledge may file a written grievance with the Co-Presidents of the fraternity within a week of the alleged violation of the Inter-Greek Senate’s Pledge Bill of Rights, Alcohol Policy, or the Hazing Policy. This written grievance will result in a meeting of the Eppie Judicial Board and the case will be heard. Article VI: Dues Members of the Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity shall pay dues to cover the organization’s costs. To be considered an active member of the Fraternity, members must pay the set dues. The Amount of dues and time of payment will be Sixty-Nine dollars per semester. Article VII: Inter-Greek Senate The Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity shall be a member of the Inter-Greek Senate. The Fraternity shall follow the policies and expectations set forth in the Constitution of the Inter-Greek Senate. Article VIII: Advisor The advisor(s) is a faculty or staff member of Gustavus Adolphus College. The Advisor(s) will attend meetings when requested or when they think it is necessary to attend. The advisor(s) will act as a liaison between the Fraternity and the College. The advisor(s) will ensure the Fraternity stays ethical and follows the policies set forth by the Fraternity, the Inter-Greek Senate, and the College. Article IX: Officers Section 1: Officers A. The Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity will include the following office positions: 1. Co-Presidents (2) 2. Secretary 3. Treasurers (2) 4. Pledge Leaders (4) 5. Sergeant at Arms 6. Historians (2) 7. Inter-Greek Senate Representative 8. Webmaster 9. Alumni Relations Chair Section 2: Qualifications In order to be elected, an officer must be in good standing with the college. Officers shall attend all meetings and any Epsilon Pi Alpha Fraternity member who has been found guilty by the Eppie Judicial Board of violating the alcohol or hazing policy may not be elected to office for the following year in which the violation occurred. Certain officer positions have the following specific qualifications: 1. Co-Presidents: Must be in senior standing and be a full-time student for both semesters. 2. Treasurers: Must begin term in the spring of their sophomore year. Section 3: Duties A. Co-Presidents The Co-Presidents will preside over all meetings, enforce the constitution and bylaws, appoint all committees for philanthropic, social, and community service activities, handle all elections, be the focal point of communication, address all problems, and at least one president must attend IGS meetings. B. Secretary The Secretary shall keep attendance at all meetings and the Fraternity’s events, prepare and send the weekly meetings minutes to the fraternity members, be responsible for photographic documentation at events, keep track of accountability and behavioral standards set forth by the Eppie Judicial Board, and include a funny tag line at the end of each minute’s report. C. Treasurers The Treasurers shall be responsible for collecting dues and repayment for all acceptable expenses, be responsible for all financial transactions, and present a monthly report explaining expenses and accounts receivable. The Treasurer’s term will consist of three consecutive semesters starting in the spring of sophomore year. The Treasurers will be an Apprentice for the first semester and the Master for the remaining 2 semesters. D. Pledge Leaders The Pledge Leaders shall be responsible for preparing and leading the pledging activities, submitting the pledging calendars to the Inter-Greek Senate, for collaborating with sororities for functions, and following all IGS pledging rules. The pledge leaders will have authority over all active members (except the Sergeant at Arms and Co-Presidents) during pledging activities. E. Sergeant at Arms The Sergeant at Arms shall be responsible for ensuring all pledging rules are being followed, ensuring the pledges physical and mental safety, keeping order at all fraternity meetings, and keeping the meeting’s speaker list. F. Historians The Historians shall be responsible chronicling, maintaining, and updating the Fraternity’s history and historical archives. Also, they are responsible for teaching the pledges the Fraternity’s history during the pledging process. G. Inter-Greek Senate Representative The IGS Representative shall be responsible for attending all IGS meetings along with one or both the Co-Presidents and communicating the fraternity’s information to IGS and vice versa. H. Webmaster The Webmaster shall be responsible for updating the Fraternity’s internet material, and updating the various email aliases. I. Alumni Relations Chair The Alumni Relations Chair shall be responsible for creating and sending the bi annual newsletter to the Alumni of the Fraternity, managing the Alumni database, managing the Fraternity’s scholarship endowment fund, and coordinating fundraising activities for the Fraternity’s endowment fund. Section 4: Elections A. Elections will be held no later than Spring Break of the Academic Year. B. To be eligible for a position, one must be nominated and seconded by a member of the Fraternity. C. Nominees will leave the meeting room and will be discussed and voted on by the remaining fraternity members. Voting may be used to decrease the number of nominees. D. In order to cast a vote in the election process a member must be in good standing with the fraternity. Fraternity members abroad or pursuing internships may cast a vote in absentia by contacting the presidents. Section 5: Term of Office All officers shall serve for one Academic Year unless stated otherwise. Section 6: Vacancies All vacancies shall be filled at the next regular meeting by special election Article X: Academics If a member’s cumulative grade point average falls below 2.5, he shall be barred from voting at fraternity meetings until the standard grade point average is met at either mid-term or semester’s end. Article XI: Amendments Articles of this Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority members present at a meeting of the fraternity.
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