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Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO)

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Hmong American Cultural Outreach (HACO)
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HACO is dedicated to promote unity, culture, and heritage to encourage and advocate multicultural awareness.
Article I: Vision and Mission Vision Statement: Be an active club at Gustavus Adolphus College hosting activities to help the Gustavus community develop relationships with students to further cross-cultural understanding. Mission Statement: HACO is dedicated to promote unity, culture, and heritage to encourage and advocate multicultural awareness. Article II: Membership Qualifications 1. Membership is open to all students. 2. As a member of the club, each student must develop an attitude of concern for the general welfare of others. 3. To be an active member requires at least fifty percent attendance at HACO events. This includes meetings, activities, fundraisers, and/ or campus events organized and paid for by HACO. Article III: Officers Co-Presidents 1. It is the co-presidents' job to be head administers of this club and preside over all meetings that occur in the general assembly. 2. It is the co-presidents' responsibility to make sure that the officers perform their respective tasks. 3. The co-presidents shall act as the liaison between the club, the administration of the college, and any other organization that wishes to do business with the club. 4. Co-presidents shall approve all letters relating to the club, to be sent to any person or organization outside of HACO. Secretary 1. It is the secretary's duty to keep minutes of every meeting in the general assembly and send out minutes via e-mail within 48 hours. 2. The secretary has the right to appoint as many assistants as necessary to assist him/ her in performing the assigned duties. 3. It is the secretary's duty to provide information to all members, if the information is not made clear in the minutes. Treasurer 1. It is the treasurer's job to organize a sound financial network for the club. 2. The treasurer must be ready at every board meeting to give a full and accurate report of the organization's financial status. 3. The treasurer's signature must be on all requests for payments issued by the club. Historian 1. It is the historian's duty to keep a scrapbook of all of the events planned and sponsored by the club. 2. The historian should attend as many events with the group as possible. If the historian is not able to attend an activity, he/ she should assign an HACO member to take on the responsibility of taking photos. 3. The historian should make the scrapbook/slide show accessible to all members of the club. 4. Historian must maintain an organized archive of forms filled out for events, activities, reservations, etc. so that the next officers will have instructions of what they need to fill out in order to attain the necessary equipment. Activities Coordinators 1. It is the activities coordinators' responsibility to organize activities for the club at least once a month. 2. At every event planned by the activities coordinators, both must be present. 3. The activities coordinators are to keep documents of all the activities planned (date, time, location, general comments) to be added to the archive. *Turn in the documents to the historian after each event. DLC representative 1. A current board member must attend the DLC meetings and take notes. Constitutional Re-affirmation 1. New board members must sign and abide by a printed version of the constitution, which must then be added into the archives. Article IV: Elections and Voting Section A 1. Elections will be held at the beginning of second semester. Nominations will be held one week before election and nominees must accept before further voting takes place. A second must be approved by a current officer in order to be a candidate. 2. The person will be elected and hold office the following year. 3. Anyone, except current seniors, is eligible to run for office. A.Current non-senior co-presidents can be re-elected B. Co-presidents must have served a full year on the executive board. 4. Elections will be conducted by closed ballots which will be counted by the current executive board. Section B 1. Each member is allowed one vote. 2. Only active members can vote. 3. A member must be present to cast a vote. Exceptions will only be made under extenuating circumstances (lab, peer mentoring, work, night exams) as approved by the board. If this condition should occur, the member is eligible to submit a vote through an absentee ballot. 4. Each member has the option of not submitting a vote if he/ she feels a candidate is not fit for the position in which they are running or have been nominated for. 5. In the case that a candidate does not receive the majority votes, the position will remain vacant and will require a special election to be determined by the current board members. 6. 2/3 of the votes will determine the majority of the people. 7. If it is determined that any officer has not sufficiently performed the duties of his/ her office, he/ she may be impeached with a majority vote of the board members upon notification. Section C 1. A special election (in the case that a board member is impeached/resigned) will run in the same manner as a general election. The date and time will be determined by the current board members. Article V: Conferences 1.Upon the notification to the club of an upcoming conference, the secretary will send out notices in good time, and make confirmations on intentions to attend a conference. 2. If a member has confirmed that he/ she will be attending a conference paid for by HACO, then the member will be held responsible for all expenses if he/ she fails to attend. The only exception will be sickness, family emergency, or an educational dilemma. Article VI: Miscellaneous 1. Each member has the right to extend an invitation to any outside party in the presence of the club upon conference of notification (one week prior) to the general assembly. 2. Each member has access to equipments, materials, and facilities, with the understanding that all must be promptly returned. 3. In the event that the member is called to use his/ her own money to fund an HACO- sponsored event, it is the member's responsibility to provide all necessary receipts and information to the treasurer within a week's time for proper reimbursement. 4. The current board must save $400 for the incoming board; failure to do this will result in money coming from current board members. Article VII: Amendment Amendments are only valid upon majority votes of approval by the executive board. Signatures & Print Co-presidents ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ Secretary ______________________ ______________________ Historian ______________________ ______________________ Treasurer ______________________ ______________________ Activities Coordinators ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________
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