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International Cultures Club
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The International Cultures Club is a student organization that brings international and American students together to promote international awareness and appreciation of different cultures. ICC organizes many cultural events that are open to the Gustavus community. ICC also provides members with opportunities to interact with members of cultural organizations at other schools.
GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL CULTURES CLUB BYLAWS I. QUALIFICATIONS A) An officer shall be a student enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. B) An officer shall limit other extra-curricular activities to such an extent that she/he may perform the duties of the office effectively and efficiently during his or her term of office. C) An officer may apply to hold another position on the Executive Board, after his/her term is finished. However, this position must be different from his/her previous position. Each position can only be held for a maximum of two years. II. OFFICERS’ DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES A) All officers: 1) Are required to attend all Executive Board meetings and to participate in discussion, or they must notify either President before the meeting if they cannot attend. 2) May not miss more than 3 meetings per academic year. 3) Represent all ICC members and should act on their behalf. 4) Are responsible for training new officers in their respective positions. 5) If members show unwanted behavior at meetings, it is up to the discretion of the Co-Presidents and other officers to remove the member(s) in question. 6) Including the Co-Presidents, can be impeached by a 2/3 majority of votes collected by all attendees at an ICC meeting, if the members were notified of this meeting one week in advance. B) Presidents: 1) Should be elected at the end of spring semester each year. 2) Set the agenda for meetings. 3) There shall be two presidents of ICC, one American and one Foreign Student. 4) The Presidents shall equally share the responsibility of coordinating the officers and the committee chairpersons. However, they are not to do the work of the other officers or committee chairpersons and should become involved in specific committee activities at their own discretion. 5) The Presidents, therefore, should be the sources of motivation for the Executive Board, Chairpersons and membership, and guide and evaluate the officers and chairpersons in their duties and responsibilities. If an officer or chairperson is not performing his/her duty, the matter will be referred to the Executive Board. 6) Coordinate the various positions so that they function as a cohesive Board. 7) Prepare the budget along with the Treasurer. 8) Will take turns presiding at all meetings of the Executive Board and regular ICC meetings. 9) Will serve as non-voting ex-official members of all committees of ICC. 10) Vote only in the case of a tie of the Board, in the selection of new Board members, or in the removal of Board members. 11) Perform advisory duties. 12) A quorum must be present to conduct official business of the ICC. This quorum consists of a minimum of 3 officers and the Co-Presidents. C) Treasurer: 1) Keeps records of all financial transactions and reports the financial status at each meeting of the Executive Board. 2) Approves all requests from the Board members prior to presentation to the Student Senate President. 3) Is responsible for all financial aspects of specific programs and projects. 4) Informs the Activities Committee of ICC’s financial standings. 5) Will work in cooperation with the President to prepare the annual ICC budget and submit it to the Executive Board for approval. 6) Evaluates the Activities Committee expenditure and administers the budget as agreed upon by the Board. D) Secretary: 1) Compiles and distributes the minutes and agendas for both the executive and general meetings. 2) Keeps the general ICC files and assists the chairpersons in keeping any needed files. 3) Gathers any reports when deemed necessary. 4) Performs all correspondence and clerical work assigned by the officers. 5) Informs all members of the ICC about when and where meetings and activities shall take place. 6) Acts as a resource person to all members of the ICC. 7) Sends out notices for meetings and announcements through the P.O. boxes or through E-mail. Meeting notices must be sent one week in advance, with a reminder the day before. E) Historian: 1) Compiles information on all ICC activities, including both a pictorial and written history. 2) Gathers information from ICC members wherever gaps occur in the Historian’s information. 3) Keeps the organization’s history updated and presents the Executive Board twice a semester with the updated material, including publishing the material. III. REPRESENTATIVES AND COMMITTEES A) Representative to Student Activities and Affairs: 1) Keeps a calendar of the activities on campus. 2) Co-chairs the Activities Committee. 3) Works for coordination of ICC activities with other campus activities. B) Students Activities Committee – Chairpersons 1) This committee shall be co-chaired by two students: one being a foreign student, and one being the Representative of Student Activities and Affairs. 2) The committee chairpersons will share equally the responsibilities of activity research and development. 3) The chairpersons shall research activities and report to the Executive Board all findings and suggest specific activities. 4) The committee chairpersons shall distribute the workload between committee members and coordinate all interests. 5) Appointment of members to be responsible for publicity when necessary is also the role of the committee chairpersons. C) Student Activities Committee – Members: 1) Research all suggested activities given to them by the Executive Board. 2) Complete an outline of costs, preparations needed, transportation, etc., for any given activity. 3) Submit report to the Executive Board for approval. 4) Submit the report to ICC members for approval and verification. 5) Organize final plans for all activities including time, materials needed (food, equipment), meeting places, and number of people planning to attend. 6) Are responsible for all the above so that ICC functions and runs smoothly. 7) Support all events sponsored by ICC. 8) Work within the policies of all Gustavus Adolphus College services and procedures.
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