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Gustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy

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Gustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy
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The purpose of the Gustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy Club is to: To bring together pre-physical/occupational therapy students on campus. Provide education on physical/occupational therapy related topics. Provide information to members about preparation for PT/OT school. It is also a way to meet students with similar interests. With a large network we hope to provide connections for career exploration.
Name: Gustavus Pre-Physical/Occupational Therapy Club Purpose: The purpose of the Gustavus Pre-PT/OT club is to bring together pre-physical/occupational therapy students on campus and provide education on physical therapy-related topics. We hope to provide information to members about preparation for PT/OT school. It is also a way to meet students with similar interests, and with a large network we hope to provide connections for career exploration. Membership: Membership is open to all students who are interested in pursuing a career in physical/occupational therapy. Members are accepted continually throughout the year so long as they are in good standing with the College. Members are not required to attend meetings, but it is encourage that they do so for their own benefit. Officers: The following officer positions will exist: President, OT Vice-president, PT Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary. All officers must be full-time students. President and vice presidents will share the following duties: organize and preside over meetings, function as a spokesperson for the organization, facilitate leadership among the officers, plan monthly officer meetings, organize club events and speakers. The treasurer will be a junior or sophomore student and will be responsible for maintaining the finances and keep record of them. They will attend all monthly officer meetings. The secretary will be responsible for keeping minutes at all club meetings and officer meetings. He or she will be responsible for all correspondence with members and leading advertising/involvement efforts. The secretary will also be in charge of writing letters of thanks to speakers and institutions that assist the Pre-PT/OT club. Officers will be nominated and voted on by all members present at the Fall semester voting meeting. Officers will serve for the Spring semester and the following Fall semester. Candidates will be elected into office if they receive a majority vote. If no one is nominated, the board can appoint a member to that position. Meetings: Meetings will be held approximately once a month during the academic year. The officers will meet once a month to plan speakers and events. The secretary is responsible for informing members of meetings. The officers will set the agenda for the meeting with input from officers and members. Members will be given notice of a meeting at least 3 days prior. Amendments: Any member can propose changes to the current constitution. The proposed changes will be reviewed by the officers and presented to the club. At that time, all members can vote to approve/deny amendments. Date of Ratification: September 3, 2014
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