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Delta Phi Omega
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To give back to the Gustavus community through community service, philanthropy and educational experiences while supporting one another through a tradition of sisterhood.
Article I. Name The name of this organization shall be the Delta Phi Omega Sorority. Article II. Purpose The purpose of the Delta Phi Omega sorority is to promote positiveness towards Gustavus and our sorority. We work to strengthen the bond of friendship in creating a true sisterhood that works collectively as a group to achieve a common goal of bettering the community around us through service and supportive members. We have a strong dedication to excellence and hold each other accountable to be the best that we can. We create a lifelong bond among our sisters that provides respect, support, loyalty, and sisterhood. Article III. Core Values Dedication Enthusiasm Loyalty Trust Altruism Sisterhood Article IV. Membership Section I. Eligibility of Members: The eligibility for membership shall be accordance with the regulations set by Gustavus Adolphus College and the Inter Greek Senate, including a minimum GPA of 2.2 on a 4.0 scale. Members must be females of sophomore status or higher and in good standing with the college. The Delta Phi Omega Sorority will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. Section II. Obtaining Membership: The specific method of determining pledge class numbers and members will be determined by the sorority each year. Participation, interest, and enthusiasm for pre-pledging activities expressed by each prospective pledge will be taken into consideration. Those prospectives selected as pledges will be informed via an invitation delivered to their respective places of residence. Section III. Membership Status and Requirements A. Pledge Status Pledges have been invited to pledge the Delta Phi Omega Sorority, and have accepted this invitation. They are not allowed to attend active meetings and are not expected to pay dues. They are, however, expected to attend sorority functions and abide by the rules of the sorority, Gustavus Adolphus College , and the Inter-Greek Senate. B. Active Status In order to maintain active status, a member must be a full time student of Gustavus Adolphus College with a minimum GPA of 2.2 on a 4.0 scale. Active members are required to pay dues, attend weekly meetings, participate in events, and to serve on at least one committee. They must also abide by the sorority’s attendance policy. C. Honorary Status This title is given to members that are off campus for internships, study abroad, student teaching and transfer of schools. Honorary members are not expected to meet the time or monetary requirements of active members. D. Inactive Status Members who do not meet the requirements of active status, honorary status or probationary will be considered inactive. They will be ineligible to attend meetings of the sorority, banquets, and senior send off. The inactive member will not be required to pay dues if inactive status is determined or declared within FOUR weeks of beginning the semester. If a member is placed on inactive status during the semester, dues will NOT be refunded. A member must report to the sorority if they elect to become inactive so that the sorority is aware of the status of all members. After being inactive, to gain active status several requirements must be met. Sorority consideration of an inactive member to become active again will only take place within the first two weeks of each semester. The inactive member must attend one IGS meeting with the president and make a statement either in writing or in person to the sorority as to personal intentions for returning to the sorority. After completion of the requirements, the member will be considered active and held to active status standards. E. Probationary Status If a member does not meet active statue or abide by all other sections of the constitution, they will be place onto Probationary Status. The member will be notified by the Presidents when active status is coming into question to enable time for member to take personal corrective actions. The member will be notified that they are placed on probationary status by the Presidents. This status will last two weeks. In order to regain active status, the member must perform the following requirements. If these are not fulfilled within the allotted time (two weeks), the member will be considered inactive. Probationary status carries over between semesters if the two weeks is not completed before semesters end. The president retains the right to determine status of all special considerations or circumstances. A member on probationary status, to regain active status must: A. Fix the problem that placed the member on probationary status. (i.e. make a plan to attend all weekly meeting for the remainder of the semester, pay required dues, join and be active within a committee, or correct banquet misconduct by member or date) B. Attend all sorority events during those two weeks. However, the privilege of attending Banquet and Senior Send-off is revoked if currently on probationary status. (i.e. community service, social, development, educational, and other chapter activities) C. Attend at least one IGS meeting. Section IV. Pledging Period A. Pledging is a time when pledges build bonds among each other and with the active members. All activities and events during this time will promote teamwork, leadership abilities, time management, self-reliance, group-reliance, self-discipline, a knowledge of the sorority’s history, respect for the sorority and it’s members, as well as build camaraderie among the pledge class and active members. B. A pledge may at any time during this period chose to depledge. This shall result in a loss of pledge status and all pledging privileges. C. The Delta Phi Omega Sorority behaves in accordance with the hazing policies of Gustavus Adolphus College and the Inter-Greek Senate: Gustavus Adolphus College prohibits conduct by any individual, organization, or group that is defined as hazing. Activities included in the college definition of hazing, as detailed in the college document entitled "Definitions and Stipulations" (1982), are those that either cause physical harm or mental anguish or have the potential of doing so. If at any time a pledge feels that her rights have been infringed upon or that she has been subjected to hazing, she will be encouraged to express her feelings to an active member. The incident will then be brought to the attention of the President and Pledge Leaders, who will investigate the claim and taken appropriate action to rectify the situation. D. During this time, each pledge will be required to attend at least 75 percent of activities. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration. E. A demerit system has been established to promote individual accountability during the pledging period. Behaviors deserving of a demerit include tardiness, failure to meet deadlines, or disrespect of the sorority or its members. Pledges will be informed of the reason for any demerit received in the hopes that such behavior will not reoccur. F. Pledge activities will concern and affect only those involved with the sorority. Extreme care will be taken to avoid interference with the campus and local communities. G. The President shall be aware of all activities throughout the pledging period. If there is a problem concerning an event or active member, it will be her responsibility to consult sorority policy and the Constitution. H. There will be a minimum of two meetings of the active members during the pledging period. These meetings will allow a forum to discuss the process, progression, and any problems associated with pledging. Article IV. Officers Section I . Elections: Elections of the governing officers shall take place two weeks before the deadlines given by IGS, this being prior to the semester in which the office shall be held. Nominations shall occur for all offices the week before voting. The candidate receiving a majority of the vote will be elected to the office. No one person may hold more than one elected position at one time. Section II. Executive Board: Members need to write a letter of intention after being nominated for an executive board position to be considered eligible for running for the position A. Presidents The Presidents are responsible for organizing and presiding over weekly meetings, attending weekly Inter-Greek Senate meetings, and serving as a liaison with the administration. They are to be representative at all appropriate campus and community events as needed. They are also fully involved during the Pledging period, assisting the Pledging Leaders with important decisions. B. Vice President The Vice President serves as the assistant to the President. She is in charge of formal activities of the sorority, including banquets. She will run meetings in the absence of the President and will stand in at meetings of the Inter-Greek Senate if necessary. C. Secretary The Secretary keeps track of meeting minutes and is in charge of informing all active members of important information and upcoming events. She is also responsible for keeping a record of meeting minutes for the history of the sorority. She is in charge of absences and keeping up with the attendance folder. D. Treasurer The Treasurer handles the financial matters of the sorority, including: the checkbook, collection of dues, and additional money for events. She shall set up a projected budget for the semester that is to be approved by the President. Weekly attendance is also the responsibility of the Treasurer. Article V. Committees With exception to the President and Vice President (they should assist committees as needed), each active is required to serve on at least one committee per semester. Committee Chairs and assignments are on a voluntary basis. The exception being the Pre-Pledging Chairs, who shall be elected by the sorority as a whole. Section I. Permanent Committees A. Recruitment This committee is to be formed at the end of Fall semester. Its role is to coordinate all pre-pledging activities for the Spring and Fall. B. Community Service Is in charge of brainstorming ideas and organizing ways for the Deltas to get involved in the Gustavus and St. Peter communities. The committee should try to keep old traditions and also make new traditions. There should be a minimum of two community service events each semester, one being the Halloween party. C. Development Is in charge of planning Delta events that promote bonding. The committee should keep in touch with Deltas who are abroad, doing an internship or student teaching, and keep the sorority informed of what and how they are doing. They should send them cards, letters, and information so they feel included in Delta events. This committee is also in charge of planning Beautification Night. D. Fundraising Is in charge of proposing a goal for money to be raised each semester by brainstorming ideas for the sorority to do, keep track of past events and what went well to raise money, and help decide with the treasurer and president of what the acquired money should go towards. Any receipts should be given to the treasure. E. Social Is in charge of organizing Delta social events, such as wine and cheese parties, crush parties, etc…, brainstorm new events, organize mixers with other sororities and fraternities. There is to be a minimum of one large social event each semester. F. History and Alumni Is in charge of planning Alumni Banquet, contact alumni, send out the Delta newsletter, keep addresses and phone numbers up to date, and organize an alumni email list. This committee is also responsible for creating a yearly scrapbook to record traditions, important events and each of the members and public things that are recognized for. G. Publicity Is in charge of anything that involves promoting the sorority or its events. They should make posters, flyers, table tents, banner decorations and should work with the sorority to fulfill it publicity needs. This group is also responsible fro decorating the Delta door in the Gustie Den. H. Constitution Is in charge of reviewing, revising and proposing amendments to the sorority. The committee should work with the President to resolve any incident that requires consulting the constitution. The committee should provide copies to each incoming pledge class, beginning with the 2006 pledge class. The committee should have a meeting with the new actives and president to briefly discuss expectations of the sorority and answer questions. I. Advisor Representative Is in charge of planning Ann week two times a semester. This should include as many members of the sorority as possible and should include treats and small gifts from the sorority. She should meet with Ann two times a month to keep us updated as well as keeping Ann updated on how things are going, and if Ann has any suggestions for us. This person should also invite Ann to appropriate events, such as recruitment events and others as determined by the Ann Rep/ or sorority. J. Health and Wellness Is in charge of promoting health and wellness within the sorority. This may be by making fitness challenges with a health award bag, sending out healthy tips and recipes through the monthly newsletter, and other fun healthy activities as brainstormed by the group. Article VI. Meetings Section I. Occurrence and Duration Meetings shall take place once a week, excluding during January Term. Meeting shall be run efficiently by the President. Section II. Goals of Meetings A. Relate pertinent information concerning upcoming events and current activities. B. Act as an open forum to generate new ideas involving community commitments, fundraisers, social functions, and relations with the college and other Greek organizations. C. To socialize and further the sisterhood of the members of the sorority. Section III. Attendance All active members are expected to attend all meetings. The Secertary shall take attendance. The specific consequences for repeated absence shall be decided by the sorority each year. Article VII. Activities Section I. Social services A commitment to the surrounding community and various charities is strongly encouraged by the sorority. Examples: Adopt-A-Highway program and collections for the food shelter. Section II. Social Activities Functions will be planned regularly to increase group cohesion and to maintain relations with other organizations in and around the Gustavus community. Banquet Banquets shall be held towards the end of each semester as a reward for all the hard work put forth by the members of the sorority. The Vice President will be in charge of planning and arranging all aspects of the banquet. Because banquet is a reward, it is a privilege and not a right; all members must be considered of active or honorary status in order to attend. Each member may bring one date, and hold all responsibility for that person. All sorority members and their dates must sign the responsibility form, agreeing to abide by all rules and conduct themselves in a responsible and respectful manner. If the sorority member or their guest fails to behave in such a manner, the sorority member will be placed on probationary status immediately. The President and Vice President retain the right to determine appropriate behavior as well as inappropriate behavior and additional consequences can be given at their digression. All dues must be paid prior to banquet, or other arrangements need to have been made in order to attend. Everyone must ride the bus, including all dates that are Gustavus Adolphus College students, unless prior permission has been granted. Senior Send Off Senior send-off is an event held at the end of spring semester to honor and celebrate all the hard work and dedication demonstrated by our graduating seniors. All sorority members must be active or honorary status to attend. The dinner and activities shall be planned by the underclassmen. This is the only event for which alcohol may be purchased with Delta money. Only seniors, 21 years and older, may consume this alcohol. Section III. Campus Activities The sorority will help to sponsor campus activities throughout the year to promote unity throughout the entire Gustavus community. Article VIII. Alcohol Policy A. The sorority agrees to abide by the alcohol policy as adopted by the Inter-Greek Senate, Gustavus Adolphus College , and local and state laws. Any rules broken by actives during a sorority function shall be subject to the college judicial system. B. Alcohol consumption shall not be encouraged or forced upon any member C. Non-alcoholic beverages and food shall be provided at activities where alcohol is available. D. At a function where alcohol is present, there shall be a minimum of two active members remaining sober for the safety and security of sorority members and the surrounding community. E. Any individual who seems excessively intoxicated shall be removed and aided accordingly by one of the designated sober actives to prevent possible injury to self and others. F. Alcohol may not be consumed by any pledge or any member in charge of pledges. Article IX. Advisor Policy A. The sorority shall obtain an active advisor(s) drawn from the faculty, staff, or administration of Gustavus Adolphus College . The advisor shall be encouraged to attend regular meetings of the sorority and offer information, suggestions, advice, and a faculty/staff/administration view. B. The term of the advisor shall last as long as that advisor is willing to serve in this position. C. Upon resignation of the advisor, the sorority shall set up a temporary committee to seek a qualified replacement. Article X. Amendments Amendments may be formally proposed by any active member. A vote will take place at the following meeting. Amendments shall be passed with a two-thirds majority vote of the active members of the sorority. Article XI. Community Responsibility A. The sorority and its members agree to abide by college policies, rules, and regulations. B. The sorority shall respect the dignity of the individual and protect the greater Gustavus community. C. All off-campus events and activities sponsored by the sorority where alcohol can be legally served will be planned to provide for legal and responsible consumption of alcohol. D. Hazing is unnecessary and shall not be part of the sorority’s program, activities, or orientation. E. Membership is not restricted on the basis of race, religion, national origin, disability, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation. The sorority shall not discriminate in any way for these reasons. The sorority and its members shall not sponsor any event nor act in any way which is actually or potentially offensive or harassing to individuals based on these reason. F. Any guest committing a violation which negatively reflects and causes negative consequences on the sorority shall be banned from attending future sorority sponsored events.
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