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Gustavus Women's Rugby

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Gustavus Women's Rugby
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We are a club sport whose primary goal is to learn about, improve our knowledge of, and play rugby. We also focus on staying physically active and fostering lifelong friendships.
ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be Gustavus Women’s Rugby. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of this organization is to learn about, improve our knowledge of, and play rugby. We also focus on staying physically active and fostering lifelong friendships. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership is open to all female students. Members much be in and remain in good academic standing to participate in games. Section 2: Members are accepted throughout the year and are required to pay dues each season. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: Officers must be full-time students at Gustavus Adolphus College and must be in good academic standing. Members must commit to playing both fall and spring seasons to be considered for an officer position. Section 2: The duties of each office are as follows: A. President 1. Oversee general tasks, club operations, and meetings 2. Attend Minnesota Rugby Football Union meetings and be in contact with union officials. 3. Schedule games, practices, meetings, and events 4. Serve as Match Secretary by contacting referees and providing match reports B. Vice President 1. Assist president with general tasks 2. Organize fundraising events with Treasurer 3. Maintain contact with alumni and parents C. Captains (Scrum and Back) 1. Run practice 2. Create travel plans and schedule transportation 3. Keep attendance records and create line-ups for games 4. Contact Physical Plant regarding equipment and field conditions 5. Bring necessary team information to games D. Treasurer 1. Maintain finances, pay bills/fees, and fill out RFPs 2. Collect dues 3. Register team with union and CIPP all players 4. Attend Student Senate meetings 5. Create budget for the following year 6. Maintain contact with the academic dean Section 3: Nominations for officers are accepted from all members. Captains are elected at the end of spring season. President, vice president, and treasurer are elected at the end of the fall season in order to ease communication with the Minnesota Rugby Football Union. Section 4: The officers may ask a fellow officer to step down if they feel said officer is not adequately performing their duties. The officers may nominate a successor. A full team vote on the decision is only necessary if there have been formal objections. ARTICLE V: FINANCES Section 1: Gustavus Women’s Rugby receives financial support from Student Senate. Additional funds of the organization shall be raised through fundraising and dues. Section 2: Upon dissolution of Gustavus Women’s Rugby, all possible assets and equipment will be credited to Gustavus Men’s Rugby, the remaining assets will be credited to Student Senate. ARTICLE VI: MEETINGS/PRACTICES Section 1: Practice will generally be held four days a week. This is subject to change at the discretion of the officers. Section 2: Officer meetings will be held one a month, or when deemed necessary by the officers. ARTICLE VII: AMENDMENTS/BYLAWS Section 1: This document may be changed or added to by the officers with a majority team vote.
Gustavus Women's Rugby is a member of the Minnesota Rugby Football Union and is recognized by USA Rugby.
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