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Sigma Sigma Sigma
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To establish among its members a perpetual bond of friendship, to develop in them strong womanly character, and to impress upon them high standards of conduct.
Chapter Bylaws Fall 2008 Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Eta Theta Chapter Gustavus Adolphus College Article 1 Name This Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma shall be called Eta Theta and it shall be governed by the National Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Sigma Sigma and this chapter. Article II Meetings Section 1. The regular meeting of Eta Theta chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma shall be held once a week. One meeting per month shall be a Ceremonial Business Meeting. Section 2. The Officers shall meet at least once a week in executive session at the discretion of the President. Section 3. Members shall attend all scheduled meetings and functions of the chapter unless excused in advance by the Points Chairwoman. A member wishing to be excused shall state her reasons in writing. Any unexcused absence shall cause said member to be subject to discipline determined by chapter officers. Section 4. A quorum shall be necessary to conduct business. Two-thirds of the total chapter membership shall constitute a quorum. Article III Dues, Fees, and Budgets Section 1. Local chapter dues will be set by the treasurer on a date following Notification of New Members. These dues will amount to the approved budget over the number of members and will be divided into two payments, Fall and Spring, according to the approved chapter budget. Payment plans are required through the treasurer, and may be made in 1 through 4 payments. All payments must be made by the final day of classes of the relevant semester. Section 2. At the time of pledging, a new member fee of $90.00 shall be collected and shall be sent to the Executive Office. In addition, local chapter dues, as stated in Art. III Sec. 1, shall be collected and deposited in the chapter's bank account. Section 3. Prior to initiation, a fee of $150.00 plus the cost of the badge shall be sent to the Executive Office. Section 4. In the Fall, a $15 t-shirt fee will be added to the local chapter dues. Any extras will be put into the extras fund of the budget. In addition, a Spring t-shirt will be a required purchase for all but graduating seniors. The Spring t-shirt cost will not be included in dues. Section 5. Any chairwoman that wishes to receive additional funds above and beyond her budge must get the permission of the treasurer and another chairwoman to take the funds out of the other's budget. Spending above the budget without without the aforesaid permission must be paid by the chairwoman as a personal expense. Section 6. The chapter treasurer reserves the right to revise the budget during the year due to ineffective usage of funds or unforeseen circumstances. These revisions must be approved by the Executive Board and the appropriate chairwomen must be advised of the changes. Article IV Membership Section 1. Selection of new members shall be made in accordance to Article II, Subarticle A, "Membership" of the Constitution. "Membership in each chapter shall be determined by performance, educational achievement, and criteria related to the goals and purposes of the Sorority. Judgments shall not be made based upon other factors such as individual race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age or disability." Section 2. New members shall be added in accordance with pledging policies of NPC as adopted by this College Panhellenic. Section 3. A new member shall be initiated within one calendar year of the date of her acceptance of the invitation to membership. Section 4. A new member must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of a 2.7 on a 4.0 scale to be initiated and remain in good standing. Article V Elections Section 1. Chapter officers shall be elected the first meeting in November during a Ceremonial Business Meeting; the exact date being determined by chapter needs. (Earlier or later election requires permission of the NCC.) Section 2. A Nominating Committee to select a slate of officers and four crew captains to help with pledging shall include a representative from each class that will be elected by the member's of that class by a majority vote at least two weeks before elections. Section 3. Candidates shall be eligible according to the Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Section 4. Officers' training sessions shall be held prior to installation. Article VI Officers and Chairwomen Section 1. The elected officers of the chapter shall be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership Director and Education Director. Section 2. During the elections of the chapter officers four crew captains for pledging will also be elected. Section 3. The duties of the officers shall be as explained in the Chapter Officers' manuals and the National Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Sigma Sigma. Section 4. The President shall appoint chairwomen to the following positions: Alumnae Relations, Awards, Community Service, Efficiency, Founders Day/Convention, Fundraising, Greeks Giving Back, Historian, Music, Parliamentarian, Points, Public Relations, Risk Management, Ritual, RPM, Sisterhood, Social, Triangle Correspondent, T-Shirt/Jewelry, and the Web. Chairwomen positions may be consolidated or added at the discretion of the President. Article VII Chapter Housing Section 1. Gustavus Adolphus College does not allow for Sorority/Fraternity Housing. Eta Theta Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma will not own a House and will therefore not pay local Housing fees. Article VIII Attendance and Point System Section 1. Each member must make 85% of the points each month. If a member fails to achieve 85% of the total points for two consecutive months, that member shall be referred to the Honor Council. Section 2. Members can only gain or lose points for mandatory events, tardiness at chapter meetings (tardiness defined as being more than five minutes late), and special circumstances. Point totals will be calculated each month and will be available to all members. The Points Chairwoman will determine regular point values each year (i.e.: rituals, chapter meetings, campus educationals, study hours, etc.). Section 3. Written absent notification must be turned in to the Points Chairwoman at least 24 hours prior to the unattended event. Section 4. Any event can be mandatory as long as all members are notified at least two weeks prior to the event. Events can become mandatory within two weeks of the event, by a two-thirds vote of the entire collegiate chapter membership in good standing. Section 5. Bonus points may be assigned by the Points Chairwoman to any non-mandatory even. The Points Chairwoman must notify the entire chapter prior to the event. The assigning of bonus points is left to the discretion of the requesting Chairwoman and the Points Chairwoman and does not require a chapter vote. Section 6. If a member is excused the member will not gain and will not lose points for the event or circumstance. Members may not receive excuses for Study Hours. Section 7. Seniors are required to make three-fourth of required points their senior year in order to be allowed to attend Senior Send-On and receive a gift. If they do not make the required amount of points and wish to be allowed to attend Send-On, they can appeal this request to The Honor Council. Article IX Amendments Section 1. These Bylaws shall be read at the second meeting of the Fall Semester. Section 2. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the entire chapter collegiate chapter membership in good standing. Section 3. A copy of the Bylaws as accepted by the chapter shall be sent to the Collegiate Coordinator following amending at the second chapter meeting of the Fall semester. Copies shall be placed in the National Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Sigma Sigma files in the chapter chest. While the chapter Bylaws are not secret, they are for the use of the members only, not subject to non-member inspection. The same is true of the National Constitution and Bylaws of Sigma Sigma Sigma. In case of request for either document, consult your NCC or Executive Office. Section 4. Amendments as accepted by the chapter are sent yearly by November 1 to your NCC.
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RoleOrganization TitleFull NameE-mail
AdvisorFaculty AdvisorLaura
SecretaryChapter SecretaryAmanda
Risk ManagerRisk Management ChairKate
Vice PresidentVice President of OperationsCalleigh
TreasurerChapter TreasurerHannah
MemberEducation DirectorEmily
MemberVice President of New Member EducationMackenzie
MemberRecruitment ChairBritta

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