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LineUs Improv Comedy Troupe

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LineUs Improv Comedy Troupe
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LineUs is Gustavus' premiere improv comedy troupe. We wish to entertain the students of Gustavus Adolphus College roughly once a month and at the same time, provide a fun, free, friendly option for a Friday night.
CONSTITUTION OF LineUs Improv Comedy Troupe ARTICLE I: NAME The name of this organization shall be LineUs Improv Comedy Troupe. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE The purpose of LineUs is to entertain the students of Gustavus Adolphus College roughly once a month and at the same time, provide a fun, free, friendly option for a Friday night. ARTICLE III: MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Membership in this organization is audition based and determined by current troupe members after an audition and call-back audition. Section 2: The following categories of membership exist in LineUs: Troupe Members (those who act in LineUs shows) Business Manager (who manages funds, reserves equipment and spaces for shows, etc) Tech Crew (who runs sound and lights during shows) All categories of membership receive equal treatment. Section 3: Members are accepted when deemed necessary by troupe members and after the audition process. ARTICLE IV: OFFICERS Section 1: The following officer positions shall exist in LineUs: President and business manager. All officers must be full-time students in good standing enrolled at Gustavus Adolphus College. The only position that has additional requirements that must be met is the President. They must have been a member of the organization for at least one year before becoming President and be of junior class standing. If no qualified parties are interested, this requirement may be waived with the majority agreement of the membership present. Section 2: The duties of each office are described as follows: A. President 1. To organize time of and preside over meetings 2. To create a set list for the show 3. To have knowledge of games and LineUs traditions and expectations 4. To work with the advisor and business managers to set travel dates and goals 5. To oversee publicity for shows 6. To be responsible for recruitment of new members including coordinating the tables at Student Organization Fairs B. Business Manager 1. To maintain the finances of LineUs and keep accurate records of all financial matters 2. To coordinate the sales of t-shirts/buttons/other fundraising efforts 3. To assist in the development of yearly organizational goals 4. To attend weekly LineUs rehearsals for business segment 5. To reserve equipment/space for monthly shows Section 3: The term of office begins at the beginning of September. The term of office shall last for one calendar year. ARTICLE V: REHEARSALS Section 1: LineUs will meet and rehearse twice a week, Monday night and Thursday night. Times can be negotiated by current members. Business meetings with business manager present will take place once a week for first half hour of practice. Practice will last 90 minutes to two hours. It is expected that members will be at rehearsal except in cases of extreme conflict. Section 2: Decisions at rehearsals are made by consensus. Group decides when to have shows and other fundraising opportunities. ARTICLE VII: PERFORMANCES Section 1: LineUs will perform roughly once a month. Dates, publicity, venue, and other details are worked out in consensus roughly a month before the performance. Section 2: All members are expected to be present at performances except in cases of extreme conflict. All members are expected to help set up and tear down show equipment. ARTICLE VIII: FINANCES Section 1: Funds of the organization shall be raised primarily through fundraising and window painting. Section 2: Upon dissolution of LineUs, any financial assets will be credited to the Gustavus Student Senate. Date of Ratification: 11-8-2012 (Remember to put the date of subsequent changes made by amendment to the constitution and the initials or name of the person responsible for updates at the end of the document.)
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