Apply for Admission


We want you to apply to Gustavus! By applying, hopefully you'll discover that Gustavus is a good match for you while we learn if you're a good match for our us.

Our office has a holistic approach to admission, which means we evaluate all the information in your application-- not just "the numbers." That's much fairer to you and a much better way for us to build a class.

Consequently, as you apply, emphasize your academic preparation for college, give details about any involvement, offer explanations for any challenges, and help us understand what makes you distinctive. We only know what you tell us, so be thorough in your application!

As we get to know you through your application, campus visits, and contact, we hope to make your college search more informative and less complicated.

Keep the following tips in mind as you begin your application:

  • There is no application fee;
  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning October 1;
  • Though there is no application deadline, we receive the majority of our applications by early winter and our class is usually filled by early spring;
  • Admitted students should confirm their intention to enroll at Gustavus by submitting a $300 non-refundable deposit postmarked by May 1; and,
  • While you should only deposit at one college and have until May 1 to explore all your college options, your housing selection priority is determined by your deposit date.

Application/Admission Process*

*International and Transfer applicants have different timeline and material requirements*

  1. Application for Admission. Apply to Gustavus online or by submitting the Common Application. All application formats ask for personal details, a list of accomplishments and experiences, and a writing sample.
  2. School Forms. We need two school forms from each applicant. Give the School Report/Transcript Request Form to your guidance counselor and the Teacher Evaluation to the teacher who knows you best academically.
  3. Fee. There is no application fee at Gustavus.
  4. Status. All applicants can check what pieces of the application have been received and their admission status.
  5. Notification timeline. Once you've received all parts of your application (see #1 and #2 above), you can expect an admission decision within three weeks beginning October 1. To make sure you get notified at the time you want, use the basic timeline below.
    Application complete by Admission decision by
    October 1 October 20
    November 1 November 20
    December 1 December 20
    January 1 or after Rolling notification beginning January 20
  6. Scholarship award. Beginning November 20, within two weeks of receiving your admission letter, you'll receive another letter awarding any scholarships for which you're qualified.
  7. Deposit. Regardless of when you were admitted, you can confirm your intention to enroll at Gustavus by mailing a $300 non-refundable deposit postmarked by May 1. You can also deposit any time online with a credit card or by electronic transfer from a savings or checking account.