ApplicationAthletic Training

How to apply to the Master of Athletic Training (MAT) Program

There are two routes for application and entrance.

Option 1: Post-Baccalaureate EntranceOption 2: Accelerated 3+2 BA in Exercise Physiology/MAT degree for Gustavus Students

Procedures for Admissions

Application Form

The MAT participates in the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service, known as ATCAS. All students must complete the online application

ATCAS charges an application fee. For all applicants, the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education offers a fee wavier assistance program. For current Gustavus students, please contact Mary Westby for information about an internal candidate discount.


Applications open October 1st and close April 1st. The admission decisions will be made on a rolling basis until the cohort is full or April 1st. All students will be notified of admission to the MAT no later than April 30th. Students will have until May 15th to deposit to Gustavus and June 1st to officially enroll. 

It is recommended that all prospective students complete a FAFSA for eligiblity for federal grants and loans. Completing the FAFSA by April 1st is recommended, but the earlier in your application process, the better. For more information please visit the Financial Aid Office.

Below are some specific deadlines of which applicants should be aware that may modify the above timeline

For 3+2 Gustavus Applicants

For those interested in opting out of housing for their 4th year at Gustavus (first year in the MAT), applications must be received by November 15th with a rolling admission decision prior to December 15th. Students must deposit prior to February 1st and complete the off campus application by the deadline put forth by Residential Life. Failure to be deposited or complete the form by the deadline will result in a student no longer being eligible for the 3+2 housing exception. For more information on on-campus housing options please contact Residential Life

For Post-Baccalaureate Applicants

For those interested in on-campus housing, completed applications must be received by January 15th with rolling admission decisions prior to February 15th and applicants must deposit prior to March 1st to be part of the housing assignment process. Applicants who apply and/or deposit after these deadlines can still contact Residential Life for options, but there is no guarantee of availability. For more information on on-campus housing options please contact Residential Life

For all Current Gustavus Students and Gustavus Alumni (3+2 or Post-Baccalaureate)

The Master of Athletic Training program is committed to serving the undergraduate students and alumni of Gustavus Adolphus College. To honor that commitment, up to 50% of seats (up to 10) per cohort are prioritized for current Gustavus students or alumni of the college who successfully meet the admission criteria. If there are not 10 successful applicants from the college, those seats will be opened up to the general public. To potentially access these prioritized placements, current Gustavus students and/or alumni need to apply by November 15th with rolling admission decisions prior to December 15th. After this time, all unclaimed seats will be opened up for the general population of applicants, which can include Gustavus students, alumni, and outside candidates. 

Review of Applications

A review team consisting of the MAT Program Director, Clinical Education Coordinator, faculty, one or more representatives of program preceptors and a representative from enrollment management will evaluate applications. 


Applicants who are not admitted to the program will receive notification of this decision. Students may be waitlisted and if a vacancy should become available prior to the start date of Summer Term I, these applicants will be informed of the opportunity to join the program.

Transfer students

The graduate degree in athletic training is a two-year, full-time, cohort model program. The program is required to meet specific standards, including curricular standards, that are taught in assigned courses within the degree.

Due to both the sequential nature of the curriculum and the difficulty in determining if all curricular standards have been met in transferred courses, students will not be allowed to transfer credits into the MAT. 

If a student wants to transfer into the Accelerated 3+2 BA in Exercise Physiology/MAT plan at the undergraduate level, they will be subject to the transfer policies and processes of Gustavus Adolphus College. Transfers into the Accelerated 3+2 plan will only be accepted prior to the fall of sophomore year at Gustavus. In addition, the feasibility of successful completion of the accelerated plan should be reviewed with the MAT program director in conjunction with the Exercise Physiology advisor prior to admission to the Exercise Physiology major. Transfer students for which the Accelerated 3+2 BA in Exercise Physiology/MAT degree is not feasible are encouraged to apply to the MAT for Post-Baccalaureate entrance (Option 1). 

Additional Requirements Prior to Beginning Clinical Education Experiences:

Upon enrollment and prior to beginning the clinical education component of the MAT, students will need to submit or complete the following items:

  • A satisfactory background check
  • Verification of immunizations (must include Hepatitis B, annual flu vaccine, COVID-19 sequence and any annual boosters that are currently or might be recommended/required in the future)
  • Tuberculosis Screening Test

Failure to successfully complete these items may result in removal from the MAT due to inability to complete clinical educational experience.

Students will be required to update this information with the MAT throughout enrollment, at a minimum of annually. 

Recommended courses:

The following courses are not required for admission but are recommended as they compliment the MAT content.

  • Public Health courses 
  • Psychology courses
  • Economics courses
  • Ethics courses
  • Sociology courses
  • Motor learning or develop courses
  • Medical terminology courses
  • Prevention and care of injury courses


In order to remain in good standing with the MAT, students must complete the following:

  •  Receive a C or higher in all required courses and maintain a 2.5 GPA
  •  Pass all competencies and proficiencies at an “Acceptable” and/or “Proficient” level
  •  Commit no MAT student handbook violations
  •  Stay in good standing with the College and its policies
  •  Maintain Emergency Cardiac Care Certification

Failure to maintain good standing with the program can result in probation status, temporary removal, or permanent removal from the MAT. Decisions will be made through the disciplinary process detailed in the MAT student handbook.