Discover the Power of the Signature ExperienceTailoring your college journey

The Gustavus Signature Experience (SigX) represents a groundbreaking educational requirement designed to empower you to customize your college years. It serves as an overarching program that encapsulates the myriad ways in which Gusties can showcase their academic prowess to the world, all while engaging and impacting the community around them. With a diverse range of SigX opportunities, you can fine-tune your choices to align precisely with your unique postgraduate aspirations.

Row of Gustavus students in engaging in class.

SigX serves as a bridge connecting your academic pursuits to your future career, offering immersive, practical, cultural, and hands-on learning experiences through four distinct options: internships, student-faculty research, course-based community projects, and study-away opportunities.

The SigX program offers all the advantages and affordability of a Gustavus liberal arts education, tailored to match your specific interests and career objectives. You'll receive continuous, personalized guidance and mentorship from dedicated faculty advisors, ensuring your academic journey aligns seamlessly with your ambitions. Upon completion of a Signature Experience, you'll earn a digital credential to enhance your resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • Internships Leverage our extensive network of over 30,000 alumni and other professional connections to gain valuable work experience in your chosen field.
  • Student-faculty Research Gustavus students enjoy unparalleled access to collaborative research opportunities typically found at the graduate level at much larger institutions.
  • Community Projects Enroll in courses that immerse you in a community setting, enabling you to apply your liberal arts education in meaningful, real-world scenarios.
  • Study Away Enrich your academic journey by selecting from a wide range of domestic and international programs, expanding both your personal horizons and professional prospects.

The Gustavus Signature Experience is more than just a requirement; it's an invitation to shape your educational narrative and craft a future tailored to your passions and ambitions. Join us in this transformative academic journey and unlock the boundless possibilities that await you.

Are you ready to embrace your Gustavus Signature Experience and pave the way for a future uniquely your own?