Student Research

Gustavus faculty are engaged scholars as well as outstanding teachers. Many involve students in their research projects and mentor students’ independent research, training them to become accomplished researchers in their own right. Research at Gustavus takes many forms across the disciplines. Gustavus students conduct research in the lab and in the library. They carry out field research, collecting data on fish populations on the open seas, excavating Roman villas, measuring glacial melt in the Andes, and interviewing local farmers. Their research contributes to advances in literary studies, science and medicine, environmental stewardship, pedagogy, and the creative arts.

Student research happens over the summer and during the academic year, on- and off-campus. Students do research for pay, for academic credit, and as volunteers.In a typical summer, more than 30 students and their faculty mentors form a vibrant, collaborative research community. Gustavus students also earn research opportunities at institutions across the U.S, including Harvard, the Mayo Institute, Duke, and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology. Student research is supported both by external grants and through College programs like the First Year Research Experience (FYRE), Presidential Faculty-Student Collaboration Grants, and the newly-launched Arthur L. Johnson Research Fellowship. The College supports Gustavus students presenting their research off-campus with funding for travel expenses.

Gustavus Faculty/Student Research, Scholarship, and Creative Achievements