Research Ethics

Responsible Conduct of Research

Gustavus offers regular training in Responsible Conduct of Research. The training combines an online RCR module and an in-person training workshop. Any student funded by a public or government source (local, state, or federal) must complete the training. All other students and faculty conducting research are strongly encouraged to complete the training.

Additional Resources

National Ethics CORE Website: A wealth of material on Responsible Conduct of Research. See, for example, the section on Resources -> Teaching Materials, and also the RCR Modules from CMDITR

National Ethics CORE Two Minute Challenges: These are one-paragraph summaries of some ethical issue related to research. Each includes a full study guide, and many include links discussing the actual events summarized in the challenge

RCR Videos produced by Office of Research, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: This is an excellent series of roughly 3 minute long videos that illustrate "real world" situations where Responsible Conduct of Research issues might arise

National Academy of Sciences book (free PDF download) On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research, Third Edition (2009)

The Lab: A very Interesting interactive simulation of lab environment where you can take on role of researcher, grad student, post doc, or research integrity officer dealing with a Research Misconduct issue.