About the FYRE Program

The First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) Program is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to engage in bona fide research experiences during the summer between their first and second years with a Gustavus faculty mentor in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics. This program was initially developed and supported with funds from a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) grant that aimed to improve the learning experiences for students interested in biology and/or chemistry early in their undergraduate careers. Following the four-year period of the HHMI grant award, in which students and faculty alike observed large, positive impacts of these early research experiences on the development of the students' learning and research skills and careers, Gustavus has committed to the continuation of the FYRE program into the future.

The application process consists of students submitting a transcript, and answering three short essay questions. Students are also asked to meet with a minimum of three faculty members who are participating in the program, about their research projects. Selection of students to participate in the program is based on academic performance, input provided about applicants by three references, and the potential impact of the FYRE Program experience on the development of the applicant as a scientist, as judged by the FYRE Program faculty.

This year we are excited to offer this amazing opportunity to several more Gusties who are currently in their first year of study. As part of the experience students are supported with a stipend for the ten-week research experience, and on-campus housing. The collaborative efforts between each student and their faculty mentor are also supported by funds to pay for research supplies, and a modest stipend to the faculty mentor.

Interested students can learn more about project opportunities and the application process for the coming summer by following the links on the left sidebar. Questions can also be directed to the current FYRE Program Director - Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Amanda Nienow - by emailing to anienow@gustavus.edu.