Faith and LearningLearning rooted in the tradition and values of Lutheran higher education

At Gustavus, we believe that learning happens in community with others. Because of our conviction that faith enriches and completes learning, Gustavus works to foster collaboration between religious and other departments and promote opportunities for dialogue between diverse beliefs.

Gustavus and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

"The 500-year-old Lutheran intellectual tradition lives on in ELCA higher education. The 26 colleges and universities of the ELCA offer both undergraduate and graduate education in the best of liberal arts, pre-professional and professional education. Our schools are dedicated to the freedom of inquiry and the development the whole person. At ELCA colleges and universities, students are educated for a sense of calling or vocation, opening the path toward a meaningful life of contribution to the common good through whatever career they choose." ~ ELCA Colleges and Universities 

The Faith and Learning website is intended to connect students and others with resources, communities, programs, and information. For more information about the common calling of ELCA colleges and universities, please read the joint statement by the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities: Rooted_and_Open.

Gustavus Adolphus College is a church-related, residential liberal arts college firmly rooted in its Swedish and Lutheran heritage. The College aspires to be a community of persons from diverse backgrounds who respect and affirm the dignity of all people. It is a community where a mature understanding of the Christian faith and lives of service are nurtured and students are encouraged to work toward a just and peaceful world.

Gustavus Mission Statement