Department of Religion

The program of the department of Religion is designed to meet the needs of all students for a better understanding of religion as a basic aspect of human experience, of the Christian heritage and its contemporary expressions, and of the methods appropriate to the study of religion.

Because the data of religion are so varied, its study involves the use of perspectives and methods from several fields including the arts and foreign languages, social sciences and literature, history and philosophy. Thus the study of religion offers a unique opportunity for the type of integrated study that is desirable in a liberal arts education.

Name Title Phone
Mary Solberg Associate Professor, Chair 507-933-7470 web
Marcia Bunge Professor and Bernhardson Distinguished Chair of Lutheran Studies 507-933-7469 and 507-933-7469
John Cha Associate Professor 507-933-6167
Thia Cooper Associate Professor 507-933-6296 web
Casey Elledge Associate Professor 507-933-6295 web
Mary Gaebler Associate Professor 507-933-6290
Deborah Goodwin Associate Professor 507-933-6012
Sarah Ruble Associate Professor 507-933-6163
Blake Couey Assistant Professor 507-933-7475
Fuad Naeem Instructor 507-933-7096
Janine Genelin Administrative Assistant, Old Main 507-933-7548
Bernhard Erling ’43 Professor Emeritus