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Why study Religion at Gustavus?

A Religion major explores life's biggest questions through classroom experiences that foster interfaith dialogue with compassion and respect. You will study the beliefs and traditions of major religions and their dynamic relationship with ethics, politics, art, music, literature, languages, history, the social sciences, and the natural sciences.

Course Examples

Every year, Gustavus faculty teach more than 1,800 courses - you'll be able to choose what interests you. Maybe one of these courses from Religion will be on your class schedule.

  • REL-223Legends of the Jews
  • REL-132Religion and Ecology
  • REL-282Perspectives on Evil, Sin, and Suffering
  • REL-210The New Testament
Sophie Martinez ’23, Religion Major

The department welcomes all students to ask hard questions, challenge themselves academically, and push further towards understanding themselves and the world around them.

Sophie Martinez ’23, Religion Major

What can I do with a degree in Religion?

The Religion major is adaptable - and valuable - leading to many different fields and fulfilling careers. Here are a few popular paths, but a Gustavus degree can take you anywhere.

  • Humanitarian Services
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Diplomacy
  • Crisis Services
  • Clergy
  • Communications
Average salary 5 years post graduation Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes Explorer from the U.S. Census Bureau
75%  Ultimately attended graduate or professional school
11:1  Student to Faculty Ratio
72  Majors
100%  of courses taught by faculty members

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